Fall means back-to-school shopping! When kids start paying attention to what’s in style, a parent’s budget can really take a hit. Instead of shopping at the mall, try finding basic items at a thrift or discount store to transform into designer look-alike clothes.

The experts at Pfaff Sewing Machines suggest embellishments and embroidery to create the hip styles kids want. Here are few ideas for transforming plain jeans into hip denim fashions:

Fashion Jeans

Quickly create a designer look by embellishing the pant leg or pocket of a pair of jeans. Embroider flowers, cats, swirls and curls and add crystals, rivets, beads or sequins for the perfect finishing touch. Hot-fix applicators heat up an adhesive backing to permanently adhere a variety of crystals, nail heads, pearls and more to every designer garment!

Denim Capris

The Capri pant goes from fall to spring and back. Measure a pair of jeans to the desired shortened length and cut off the bottom. Sew a floral print fabric or decorative trim to the bottom the pant leg for a decorative look. Or, try using an accent fabric and create a wide cuff. The Pfaff creative 2170 has superior piercing power and can easily sew through nine layers of denim — you will easily be able to create the unique designer look you are looking for. Pick a favorite embroidery design to add to one cuff and a back pocket.

Jean Skirt

Turn an old pair of jeans into a skirt. Open the seams on each leg, cut off to the desired length and sew in a decorative fabric or another piece of denim to create the front of the skirt. Then, use one of the gorgeous 9mm decorative stitches built in to the Pfaff creative 2170 to create sturdy, fashionable seams. Add embroidered butterflies, hearts or flowers in your favorite colors and finish with crystal or bead embellishments with your hot-fix tool. It’s a great look that works in the warmer temperatures of fall or to wear with a pair of matching tights for winter.

Denim Skirt and Blouse Set

Using a pair of jeans, split the seams of each pant leg and cuff off at mid thigh. Choose a favorite small-patterned, floral fabric to sew to the bottom of the denim, gathering the accent fabric while sewing to give the skirt a little flare. Make a matching blouse using the IDT found only on a Pfaff. The IDT ensures perfect straight seams by feeding the top and bottom layers of fabric at the same rate of speed, even slippery fabrics, so that you have flat, precise seams every time with out having to use a lot of pins. Creating a blouse will be a snap. If you sew for your kids, use their favorite patterns and colors and they can mix and match several outfits.

Hoody Jacket

Jeans aren’t the only thing you can dress up. Create a cute, comfy jacket out of a hooded sweatshirt. You can line the hood with a plaid or floral fabric (flannel for extra warmth) and add matching cuffs. Cut up the front to put in a zipper, and use embroidery designs or 9mm decorative stitches to stylize the seams. Another great idea is to cut off the hood to create a funky, matching purse.

Some designer jeans cost as much as $200 and more. For the price of a couple of pairs of jeans, you can buy a sewing machine and make lots of your own personalized, high-fashion jeans with out the high price tag!

If you’re a beginning sewer but would like to try creating your own individual, fashionable clothes — not to worry. The latest in sewing technology makes sewing and embroidery easier than ever before.

For more information about IDT and other exclusive Pfaff sewing technology, log on to www.pfaff.com.

Courtesy of ARAcontent