According to the United Nations fact book, there are 182 different currencies in circulation around the world today. Currency is a wonderful thing when used properly. We all enjoy having a little extra in our pocket. Currency is a powerful tool also. It gives us the ability to exchange one thing for another. Weekly or even daily we make transactions with currency, receiving and distributing. Currency has a motion about it. Economists call it cash flow.

I would like us to think about another "currency. If we employ this currency on a regular basis, both receiving and distributing, will strengthen our family relationships, social relationships and our relationship with God. It is the Currency of Forgiveness. The question is how do we allow the currency of forgiveness to flow in and out of our lives? When this happens, we are able to have whole, healthy and growing relationships. Look with me at the flow of the Currency of Forgiveness.

Mark Gungor says, in his hilarious "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage" video series, forgiveness has more to do with our mouth than our head or heart.

It is about not repeating to another person the things that they have done or said.  So many times we fall into the trap of revisiting and rewinding conversations.   When we have forgiven that person or they have forgiven us, we have to let it go.  Allow the currency of forgiveness to flow out of your heart and mouth, blessing the life of others.  

I have met with good people who are mired in the clay of the past, unable to move onward and upward because of their unwillingness or inability to let go of yesterday’s mistakes. History is full of errors, miscalculations and broken relationships, but the future overflows with potential, possibilities and hope. The currency of forgiveness says give up, lay down those feelings, thoughts and deeds of the past. Receive the hope and possibilities that God has “prepared beforehand” for you to walk in. Allow the flow of forgiveness to run through your own life, bringing restoration and renewal. 

The group Casting Crowns has a song called “Every Man.” It describes various situations or feelings that we all face:  troubled times, dry and thirsty land, no place to turn, hopelessness. Whether it is something we have done or said, whether we feel or believe that God is able or willing to forgive, the good news is that God is willing and able. God is always one step away, but sometimes, the first step back is the hardest. Remember that God always stands on that hill, looking, waiting for his children to return to him. Embrace the currency of God’s forgiveness today.