Whether you are currently a parent or will someday be one, I think the following will interest you: parents rate their inability to spend enough time with their children as the greatest threat to the Family.

In a survey conducted for the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Corp., 35 percent pointed to time constraints as the most important reason for the decline in Family values.

Another 22 percent mentioned a lack of parental discipline. Despite their expressed desire for more Family time, two-thirds of those surveyed say they would probably accept a job that required more time away from home if it offered higher income or greater prestige.

There seems to be some disconnect here. Parents say they want more time with their children, but their actions say something else.

The priority is on material wealth, not on Family relationships.

The focus here is temporal (that which is seen), rather than eternal (that which is unseen).

For the vast majority of us, I doubt our last words on earth will be, “Gee, I wish I had spent more time at work, and less time with my Family.”

Even more important than time spent with Family is time spent with your Creator. Your Family should come second, followed by your occupation. You will one day be separated from the Army.

While you are alive on this earth, I hope you never separate from your Family.

My hope is that you spend eternity with God. You will never get this day to live over—how have you spent it so far?