FORT LEE, Va. (April 7, 2011) -- Recently, I was able to visit my parents' home in South Carolina. During my visit there, I took a couple of moments to walk through the woods with my son. We walked down the same paths I walked as a little boy and I enjoyed sharing this with my son.

As I walked, I noticed there were many trees that had fallen since I had been back. Some had been blown down by storms, some were broken from ice and others simply collapsed after a long life. The woods took on a different look to me as I tried to remember what it looked like in the past.

While many of the trees had fallen, I began to also notice the small undergrowth that was creeping up. The paths I once raked away were now becoming overgrown with little trees or shrubs. The fallen logs were being replaced with new growth. The woods were beginning again with a fresh start.

We all need a fresh start. Like the woods, we get blown down and broken - and sometimes simply collapse under the weight of all of the stress in our lives.

As spring approaches and new growth begins outside, take this opportunity for a fresh start. This fresh start can take many different forms. It could be to restart your marriage. A marriage that has been broken from hurt can be restored through a new emphasis on romance, compassion and patience. Your fresh start also could be reducing stress in your life. This fresh start could replace stress and anxiety with a renewed sense of simplicity and focus. Or your fresh start could be to restart your religious devotion. Your faith can be renewed by attending chapel or placing a bigger emphasis on prayer.

The spring provides a great opportunity to take stock in where you are and to reseed the forest - getting a fresh start in your life.