In our postmodern world, we often hear that everything is relative and nothing is absolute.

I think it is because our postmodern society is influenced by Einstein’s theory of relativity and the development of quantum physics in the early 1900s. But don’t be surprised.

Albert Einstein said repeatedly that ethical behavior depends on the existence of an inner moral strength that is fixed and permanent.

He simply asserted “relativity applies to physics, not ethics,” thus implying good and evil are never relative and right and wrong are never arbitrary. “The real problem,” he continued, “is in the hearts and minds of men.”

When Bill Gates, then chief executive officer of Microsoft, announced his company would introduce the new revolutionary computer operating system called Windows 95, it sparked a shopping frenzy around the globe.

People paid big bucks to install Windows 95 to replace Windows 3.1 which survived only a few years.

Many now vaguely remember Windows 95, as their lap top screen sharply displays Windows XP. We live in an information age that is called the third wave of industry.

Our high tech society is changing so fast that it is very hard to predict what lies ahead of us.

The past 30 years have seen tremendous changes no past history could imitate.

Many people are confused in this rapidly changing information age. As things are changing so quickly, some people think that our moral values change too, arguing for no moral absolutes —new computers, new cars, new ideas…. so new values, new philosophies, and new religions. Right?

Well, the truth is there is nothing new under the sun. New ideas are not as new as we might think they are. New philosophy is only a revision of the old philosophy.

Whatever confusions we experience today have already occurred in the past.

In our changing world, I’d like to recommend the unchanging Word that deals with the problems of hearts and minds of men.

Yes, I’m talking about the Bible, God-breathed information that is infallible and true in all that it affirms.

Some things may change and fade away, but listen to what the prophet Isaiah said: “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of God stands forever.”

This Bible will speak to your heart, however sophisticated a mind you may have, if you humbly and prayerfully listen to its central message.