Maj. Gen. Rodney D. Fogg Safety Message

The observance of George Washington’s birthday this weekend is a time to remember America’s struggle for independence and the brave individual who led the fight for freedom, earning his place in history as the nation’s first elected leader. 

“President’s Day” is the more commonly used title for the holiday that’s celebrated on the third Monday in February. Its focus also is more inclusive, encompassing the contributions and leadership of Abraham Lincoln and others who have served in our country’s highest office.

Hopefully, every member of Team Lee will enjoy the well-deserved break afforded by this long holiday weekend. Please keep in mind that it potentially could be a time of increased accidents and injuries if not discussed and planned to mitigate risk.

If you are traveling this weekend, be aware that winter weather conditions are still a likelihood locally or on the way to destination points, and plan accordingly. Wear seatbelts, obey speed limits and avoid distractions that are becoming an all-too-frequent cause of accidents.

Leadership and awareness can identify and mitigate potential risks associated with activities and travel during this timeframe. Commanders and supervisors must ensure that all personnel are aware of the potential risks associated with this long weekend. Planning and risk management will help ensure a safe holiday break.

Take this well-deserved time to recharge and enjoy opportunities to celebrate with family and friends. Thank you for your service and all you do for our Army and the nation. Your commitment and service make it possible for everyone to enjoy this holiday and continues to ensure our Army readiness.

Always keep our teammates in mind – the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and DOD Civilians stationed and deployed around the world. Be safe and enjoy the break.

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