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This weekend, Fort Lee military and government personnel and their families will observe the Memorial Day holiday.

Our nation sets aside this moment each year to commemorate the sacrifices of service members who gave their lives in the defense of our country. It is with great pride and honor that we take time away from our daily responsibilities to pay tribute to all those who made, and continue to make, the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation.

As with all holidays, this is not the time to decrease our safety awareness or become complacent. I ask every leader and supervisor to ensure all within your workforce understand the hazards associated with travel, recreational activities and warmer weather.

Since personal safety is an individual responsibility, keep in mind the high standards we are held to as members of the U.S. military. Everyone must apply the principles of risk management when planning events over this long weekend.

I urge every member of this command to embrace the importance of safety awareness and education. Remain vigilant in your efforts to counter unsafe behavior and to reduce preventable accidents. Whatever your plans, manage your risks to make this a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.

Thank you for your dedication, commitment and support to our organization!

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