FORT LEE, Va. (Nov. 9, 2017) -- The Environmental Management Division, Directorate of Public Works, is partnering with DPW’s Operations and Maintenance section to showcase the ongoing activities of Fort Lee’s recycling program and highlight new initiatives that will improve future performance.

A community event is set for Nov. 15, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., at the PXtra on Mahone Avenue. EMD representatives will distribute reusable shopping bags and share information about Fort Lee’s updated recycling policy. This activity and other publicity efforts from Monday through Nov. 19 are in recognition of National Recycling Week.

One of the most-frequently talked about components of Fort Lee’s environmental protection program is the outreach of Recycling Action Teams. These small volunteer groups make random visits to buildings across post to check the status of recycling operations and compliance.

They inspect trash and recycling containers to ensure appropriate use, check the status of the building’s recycling plan (required by Fort Lee Policy 19-03), report any deficiencies to the facility’s recycling coordinator, and educate occupants about changes to Fort Lee’s Mandatory Recycling Program. Keep in mind these are information and assistance visits. The RATs are only out to help occupants improve recycling efficiency, not get anyone in trouble.

Having a designated recycling coordinator and building plan not only keeps tenants in compliance with Fort Lee policy, but also provides accountability and guidance for all-hands participation that meets the program’s mandated goals. With a recycling coordinator, employees have a designated point of contact for up-to-date information on where and how to recycle within that building.

The Fort Lee Recycling Center is located behind the Main Exchange, past the Central Issue Facility, and it is always open. An attendant is available during the day to point customers to the correct containers (carboard, metals, glass, etc.) and answer questions.

Post residents should keep in mind also that they play an equally important role in Fort Lee’s environmental protection efforts. Recycling at home is every bit as vital as doing so at work. This goes beyond placing cans, bottles, paper products and other items in the appropriate bin and setting it out on the curb for collection on Tuesdays. Other ways Team Lee members can contribute include limiting day-to-day purchases of commercial goods to only products that incorporate or are entirely made from recycled materials, and finding other uses for items that are normally thrown away immediately after use.

For questions or clarification, talk to the RAT representatives when they stop by administrative buildings or contact a Fort Lee EMD Pollution Prevention expert during regular duty hours at (804) 734-5014.