Forty-one percent of retirees describe their first five years of retirement as "adequate or struggling," while 57 percent of them have no idea how much is needed for retirement. Ninety-seven percent of all investors say it is important to increase one's investment knowledge. Sixty-six percent of pre-retirees plan to have a second career to work, while only 8 percent of retirees consider themselves "well off."

With a little education and the right planning now, retirees can enjoy a worry-free retirement. Working should be an option not a necessity. The Army Career and Alumni Program is sponsoring the "Retirement Planning Today" class to help officers, enlisted members, civilians and their spouses who are near or already retired improve their financial situations. The class will be offered July 23, 9 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., at the Soldier Support Center, building 3400, Room 124A.

"Learning what not to do is as important as learning what to do," said retired Lt. Col. Richard C. Tutwiler Jr. "Not all things are what they seem."

The best time to plant an oak tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today. Procrastination is perhaps the most common financial flaw. The object is to eliminate the flaws (especially the potentially fatal financial flaws) and then implement winning strategies. This class does just that as well as teach about these aspects leading up to, during and after retirement:

• Life Planning for Retirement

• Retirement Needs and Expenses

• Roadblocks and Mistakes

• Retirement Income Sources

• Retirement Plan Distributions

• Investments

• Risk Management and Asset Protection

• Estate Planning

Attendees will receive an easy to understand education on retirement strategies, a textbook with examples and illustrations, and a complimentary one-on-one consultation with the instructor, a registered principal, if requested.

To register, call the ACAP Center at (804) 734-6612 or email