FORT LEE, Va. (July 7, 2011) --Did you know that employment assistance and transition help may be available to military spouses whose sponsor is contemplating departure from the Army within one year of separation or two years of retirement? Spouses are eligible to receive these services through the Army Career and Alumni Program. Once the military member has enrolled and completed the required pre-separation briefing, spouses may begin to reap the benefits of ACAP services.

ACAP has many helpful benefits spouses can take full advantage of while their sponsor is preparing for life after the military.

Here is how it works: Simply visit the ACAP Center. A member of the ACAP staff will register you and assign a counselor to assist. This is a way for military spouses to take full advantage of what lies ahead in the civilian world. Services range from resume writing to building confidence in your interviewing skills. ACAP also helps spouses develop and enhance job search skills. The staff offers guidance on possible education advancement and assists with transition from military to civilian spouse.

The services are vast, and there are too many to list. To know more about ACAP and its services, stop by during office hours, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

ACAP is in the Soldier Support Center at 1401 B Ave.

For more information, call (804) 734-6612 or visit