A Look at America’s Fighting Men and Women
Pvt. Jennifer Murphy is America's military for May 10.

Name: Pvt. 2 Jennifer Murphy

Unit: HHC, 49th Quartermaster Group

MOS: 42F – human resource information system management specialist

Age: 22

Time in service: eight months

Most recent accomplishments: "Graduating AIT and basic."

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Family: Nancy Davis and Daniel Murphy

Pastimes: “Reading, watching movies.”

Most embarrassing moment: "I was in high school and we were just getting out of class. I was in a skirt, was going down the stairs, tripped over my own feet and fell on my face. My face was pretty red. I laughed if off but it was pretty embarrassing."

One life-changing event: "Probably transitioning from being a college student to a Soldier. In college, the situation is quite different. They (students) were not as disciplined. The only thing they had to worry about was going to class or going to work. In the military, people are more focused. The camaraderie and teamwork is a lot better, too."

Worst fear: “Needles. We just got shots three weeks ago and I cried.”

Why I joined the Army: “I actually joined because eventually, I want to go into politics and work for the United Nations. I have a friend in the military, and they said you get experience (in the military) you can’t get anywhere else. I also wanted to serve my country.”

What I would do for my fellow Soldier: “I would like to have a Soldier appreciation day and a time of prayer for the Soldiers we lost.”

If I wasn’t in the Army: “I’d probably be looking into graduate school."

The person I admire the most: "My mother. She raised me as a single parent and I saw her struggle. She overcame all the obstacles. She’s self-sufficient and determined."

What makes a good leader: "A good leader has to be motivated, driven, determined and knows their job very well."

What makes a good Soldier: "A good Soldier should also be driven, determined, have the ability to set goals and accomplish them, be able to choose a path because it’s right not because it’s easy, and support other Soldiers."

Best thing about being a Soldier: "That there are so many paths I can take and there are so many supportive people here who are just as motivated and determined as I am."

Values: “Pretty much the same as the Army Values. Of those, I highly value loyalty and integrity.”

Motivations: "Knowing that I’m able to help other Soldiers.”

Goals: "Eventually, I want to be a JAG officer and work my way up to political affairs at the U.N. I think I will be able to help affect change. I also want to get degrees in political science and international relations."