A Look at America’s Newest Generation of Fighting Men and Women
Spc. Michael Riley is America's Military for June 21

Name: Pfc. Michael B. Riley

Unit: 267th Quartermaster Company, 240th QM Battalion

MOS: 25C – radio operator/maintainer

Time in service: 15 months

Age: 20

Hometown: St. Louis, Mo.

Pastimes: “I work out and produce hip hop music.”

Family: mother, Andrea; sisters, Stacey, 14, and Elysha, 3.

Who are you: “I’m a motivated, disciplined young Soldier. Laid back, but disciplined.”

Most recent accomplishments: “Graduating from air assault school and getting selected to go to airborne school and then an assignment with the special forces.”

One life-changing event: “Joining the Army. The sky’s the limit. You can choose your own path: you can put some effort into it or you can do it the easy way.”

Worst fear: “I fear failing. That’s why I put so much work into what I do.”

What would I change about the Army: “I think the Army standards should be higher.”

Why I joined the Army: “To get experience and a start in life.”

If I wasn’t in the Army: “I’d probably be working as a club DJ.”

The person I admire the most: “My mother, Andrea Riley. She’s an outstanding, strong woman, and I’m thankful I have a great relationship with her.”

What historical figure would you want to be: “Martin Luther King. He was a born leader who followed his path and influenced people without forcing them to believe in what he believed.”

What I would do for my fellow Soldiers: “I would make deployments shorter.”

What makes a good leader: “Someone who knows his people, knows how to listen and is willing to change and willing to take care of his people.”

What makes a good Soldier: “Someone who has motivation for his job, is dependable, willing to follow and hungry to step up if needed.”

Best thing about being a Soldier: “Getting paid to stay in shape.”

Values: “Hope, strength and faith.”

Motivations: “To know that I have goals that I want to accomplish and can accomplish.”

Goals: “To not have any financial troubles. I want to be able to look back and say that I’m OK and I did my best; that I took all the opportunities available to me and open-minded to take them. I also want to graduate from airborne school and from the special forces assessment and selection and get my associate degree.”

— Compiled by T. Anthony Bell

America’s Military is a weekly column featuring military members who are committed to their profession and serve with pride. If you know a military member deserving of this recognition, please call (804)734-7190 or e-mail terrance.bell@lee.army.mil