A Look at America’s Newest Generation of Fighting Men and Women

Name: Spc. Betzaida Burgos

Unit: U.S. Army Dental Clinic Command

MOS: 68E – dental assistant

Time in service: eight months

Age: 23

Hometown: Jayuya, Puerto Rico

Family: husband, Henry Huertas; parents, Juan Burgos Gonzalez and Iris Rivera Davila

Pastimes: “I like to watch movies and write stories and poems.”

Recent accomplishments: “I got married in June, and I came on Active duty in February.”

How you would describe yourself: “I think I’m a spiritual person, emotionally sensitive and fair.”

The celebrity or historical figure you would like to be: “Madre Calcuta. She was a person who worked with lepers and sick people. Nobody wanted to work with them, but she did. I want to work with people who are poor or sick. A nun once told me that I have too much love, and l need to share it. It’s my mission in life.”

The people I most admire: “My mom and dad. My mom had a strong faith in God, was persistent and fought to give us everything we needed. My father is a very humble person and you can feel the love he had for God.”

One life-changing event: “When my grandmother (Anselma Davila) died. I was 12 years old. Sometimes we focus on the world around us and never express what we feel. I never expressed how I felt toward her because I thought she always knew. But the moment she died, I said to myself, ‘I’m always going to say what I feel at the very moment I feel it.’”

Why I joined the Army: “To help people. I realize that the Army is in the business of war, but we also help people. We fight for justice. In my job as a dental assistant, I help people everyday, and I like what I’m doing. Sometimes we think we have to go to someplace like Africa to help people, but people need help everywhere.”

The one thing I would change about the Army: “The physical training system. I think there needs to be more instruction on how to do what we need to do and not just going out and doing it.”

If I wasn’t in the Army: “I would be at home studying for college.”

What makes a good Soldier: “Somebody who is proud of what they do and like what they do. If you don’t have pride and passion, you might be unhappy.”

Why you want to be a leader: “I want to be a leader to make better Soldiers, not just to fight, but to help them be better people.”

What I would do for my fellow Soldiers: “Give them a week’s vacation in Puerto Rico.”

Values: “Fairness, Family, spirituality, humility and charity.”

Motivations: “Having the opportunity to be a better person and to help others be better as well.”

Goals: “To be a writer and director and raise a Family and encourage my kids to be people who can maybe change just part of the world for the better.”

Compiled by T. Anthony Bell

Editor’s note: America’s Military is a weekly column featuring military members who are committed to their profession and serve with pride. If you know a military member deserving of this recognition, call (804) 734-6948 or e-mail terrance.bell@lee.army.mil.