A Look at the America’sw Newest Generation of Fighting Men and Women

Name: Spc. Shaynden B. Nolan

Unit: 16th Quartermaster Company, 530th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 49th Quartermaster Group

MOS: 92S – laundry and textile specialist

Time in service: four years

Age: 21

Hometown: Baltimore, Md.

Family: husband, Spc. Charles Nolan; daughter, Cimaya, 5 months old

Pastimes: “I spend a lot of time with my Family, take my daughter to the pool and spend time with the friends I’ve made at Fort Lee.”

How would you describe yourself: “I’m spunky and someone who definitely enjoys life.”

Biggest fear: “God.”

Biggest regret: “I probably shouldn’t have gotten married so early, but it’s a good marriage so I’m not too mad.”

The celebrity or historical figure you’d like to be: “Maya Angelou. She’s so intelligent, and she’s got a lot of soul. If I couldn’t be her, I’d love to meet her.”

One life-changing event: “Back in 2007-08, before I got married and had a kid, I was Pvt. Thomas and getting chaptered out of the Army. I had a lot of mental issues, growing up in foster homes and stuff. I actually had an overdose. I went from that to getting married, having a kid and doing great things for the Army.”

The most influential person in your life: “My daughter. She’s influenced me more than anyone I’ve ever met. She taught me to be a better person, to look at life different and to value Family more.”

What does Family mean to you?: “It means support, that you have somebody looking out for you, and it teaches you to value relationships.”

As a member of a dual military family, how do you find Family time?: “It’s hard. I felt like I can’t raise my daughter like everyone else, but when I do get the time, we’re more focused on Family than anything when we get home. And instead of blowing my weekends, going out drinking or hanging out, I spend that time with my daughter.”

Why I joined the Army: “I joined because I like the uniform, the old battle dress uniform. Unfortunately, the year I joined, they had just filtered them out and we had to wear the ACU. I figured, ‘Well, you’re already in it.’ I also wanted to prove my dad wrong because he thought I was too prissy to make it.”

Why do you stay: “Mostly, to secure my Family’s future.”

One best thing about the Army: “You get to travel a lot and meet a lot of people.”

One worst thing about the Army: “Change, 24/7. I don’t get a lot of time to spend with my daughter. Change is an issue.”

What you would change about the Army: “We need more accountability, we need more discipline and work more as a team.”

Goals: “My goal is to retire in the military, try to settle down and support my daughter.”

compiled by T. Anthony Bell