A Look at the Newest Generation of America’s Fighting Men and Women
Cpl. Illha Mitchell is America's Military for Aug. 2, 2007.

Name: Cpl. Illha Mitchell


MOS: 52D – power generation equipment repairer

Time in service: three years

Age: 22

Hometown: Estill, S.C.

Family: wife, Falecia Mitchell; daughter, Illiana (7 months)

Who I am: “I’m a hard working American, always willing to take on new challenges, and I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do. If I don’t know it, I can learn it.”

Most embarrassing moment: “I was at church, and they called me up to sing. Thing about that was I couldn’t sing. It wasn’t too bad, but I had to act it out a little.”

One life-changing event: “Marriage. Once you’re married, it’s no longer about you; it’s about ‘we.’ It’s about family. It’s what we call ‘Getting Your Man On.’”

Why I joined the Army: “Since I was young, I wanted to be a Soldier, serve my country and protect freedom.”

If I wasn’t in the Army: “I would be going to college studying criminal justice.”

The person I admire the most: “My mother (Tammy Mitchell). She raised three boys alone, no father figure, provided a house and more throughout our entire lives. She was a hard-working woman.”

What I would do for my fellow Soldiers: “I would give them all a training holiday. Every Soldier wants that – and a raise.”

One thing about the Army I would change: “I would have an earlier COB. That would give Soldiers time to take care of any personal business.”

What makes a good leader: “Someone that shares knowledge, experiences, that will put Soldiers before themselves; someone that has a backbone and will stand up for Soldiers.”

What makes a good Soldier: “Someone that is always willing to take on new challenges, one who feels like there is no mission that can’t be done, and one willing to make sacrifices.”

Best thing about being a Soldier: “The fact that I know that I’m doing something good for the country.”

Values: “The Army values and God and family. God gets me through everything. That is the greatest value.”

Motivations: “My baby. I know that if something happens to me, she’ll know what I did for her and my country.”

Goals: “To achieve at least a bachelor’s degree and to better myself as a man.”