A Look at the Next Generation of America’s Fighting Men and Women
Pfc. Jasmine Moore is assigned to the U.S. Army Europe is America's Military for March 15.

Editor’s note: Pfc. Jasmine Moore represented the U.S. Army Europe Team in the Army Culinary Arts Competition held at Fort Lee March 5-16.

Name: Pfc. Jasmine Moore

Unit: HHC, 21st TSC, Germany

MOS: 92G — food service specialist

Age: 23

Time in service: 18 months

Hometown: Middletown, Ohio

Family: Parents, Milton and Penny Moore; and sister, Amber Moore

Recent accomplishments: “Making the USAEUR culinary team.”

Pastimes: “Hanging out with friends, just chilling, playing basketball.”

Most embarrassing moment: “I was 15, was roller blading in the house, ran into a wall, and it knocked me out cold.”

One life-changing event: “When I joined the Army. It made me look at things totally different.”

My worst fear: “Not amounting to anything. Not being a part of something that means something.”

Why I joined the Army: “I wanted to be part of something bigger. I didn’t want to work at some factory. I wanted to be recognized.”

Why did you become a food service specialist?: “I didn’t pick my job, it was picked for me, but I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for anything.”

What does competing in the largest U.S. culinary competition mean to you?: “Means a lot. I get to see and work with the greatest chefs in the U.S. Army.”

The best thing about the Army: “The PT program.”

What you would change about the Army: “I’d change the rank system. Nobody would wear rank; we’d all be equal.”

What makes a good leader: “Someone that goes out of their way to help Soldiers, even on their time off.”

What makes a good Soldier: “Someone who is willing to learn new things and disciplined enough to do the job.”

What I would do for my fellow Soldiers: “Give them time off – a two-week vacation.”

Values: “Family, trust, friendship.”

Motivations: “My sergeants in the DFAC. We have cooking competitions that motivates us, and that makes work seem like it’s not work.”

Goals: “I want to go to college and own a restaurant one day.”

— Compiled by T. Anthony Bell