FORT LEE, Va. (June 18, 2015) -- Name: Pfc. Carolyn Sizemore

Unit: 111th Quartermaster Company, 82nd Special Troops Battalion, 82nd Sustainment Brigade

MOS: 92M – mortuary affairs

Age: 26

Time in Service: 18 months

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Family: Two children

Describe yourself: “Down-to-earth, outgoing and just fun to be around.”

Strengths: “I would say my altitude. I try to see the positive even in the bad. That’s my biggest strength.”

Weaknesses: “I’m a pushover.”

How you spend your free time: “I spend most of my time with the kids. We’ll go to the park, to the beach or read books.”

Greatest hope: “That I could exceed in life and be someone for my children.”

Worst fear: “Something happening to me and never seeing my kids again.”

The celebrity or historical figure you would like to meet? “I would love to meet President Kennedy. He was one of my favorites. He had great ideals and he tried to carry them out.”

The music artist you’ve favored during the past year: “Eminem.”

One life-changing event: “Having kids because I went from being single to having to take care other people who really need me.”

Why you joined the Army: “I joined for my children so I can give them a better future and grow up and not to struggle as much as I did when I was younger.”

What are you most proud of as a Soldier? “I’m most proud of the fact I can get up every day and feel like I’m doing something for myself and for my country.”

What has surprised you about military service? “The fact the military can sometimes be very disorganized. It shouldn’t be a surprise, but it gets me every time.”

Your motivation for serving and giving your best: “Knowing I can be a better person.”

Why you chose your military occupational specialty: “I thought it was an honorable MOS; to do something not a lot of people like to do or want to do.”

You didn’t think about your MOS in terms of gaining a valuable job skill? “No. I thought it would be an honorable thing to do.”

You have never been deployed. What are your thoughts about the possibility? “Someone has to do it, and I’m going to just have to be strong-minded. I’ll get through it.”

What makes a mortuary affairs Soldier different? “Not everyone has the heart or stomach to do it.”

What you expect out of leaders: “I expect them to honestly guide me; to show me how – when it comes time for me to be a leader – to know what to do; to be there for my subordinates.”

What sets you apart from your peers? “To be there and help. When something happens, we can all come together and be as one.”

If you could change the Army, what you would change? “Probably the PRT. I feel like it doesn’t really help us.” (The PRT is billed by the Army as a more focused approach to fitness designed to build strength, endurance and mobility for just about any type of movement required in combat.)

Best thing about the Army: “The family cohesion.”

Worst thing about the Army: “The family members can sometimes bring you down, but at the end of the day, you still love them.”

Goals: “I would live to serve until retirement, go to college. If I get out, I would like to become a teacher and help children.”