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FORT LEE, VA. (Nov. 7, 2013) -- Name: Spc. Alfredo Hernandez

Unit: 111th Quartermaster Company

MOS: 92M – mortuary affairs specialist

Age: 37

Time in service: three years

Hometown: Weslaco, Texas

Marital status: married with three children

Personal strengths: “My strengths are my weaknesses. With an outgoing personality, I can sometimes take on too many tasks and overwhelm myself.”

Pastimes: “I love football and love watching America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys. I also love working out.”

Dream car: “A 1966 Ford Mustang – I love old, muscle cars and the Ford Mustang, to me, is the most attractive car around.”

One place you would go on vacation: “Somewhere in Europe.”

Favorite music artist: “Kenny Chesney – his songs are about life. It feels likes he’s singing about me.”

Worst fear: “Losing my family.”

Pet peeve: “When I see Soldiers and their uniforms are jacked up. It bothers me because that’s part of your job – being squared away and looking the part.”

One lesson you learned that you like sharing with others: “To take your time; be careful; think everything through. Don’t say, ‘Oh well, I was young and dumb.’ That’s everybody’s favorite phrase, and it’s now becoming everybody’s excuse.”

You’re older than most of your peers. How do you relate to them?: “I try to lead by example. I’m just an E-4, but I try to do the right thing.”

One defining moment: “When I joined the Army. I decided to enlist at 35, and I thought I had done and seen it all. The Army introduced me to a whole other world.”

One thing about you that nobody knows: “I am a Christian man, but I don’t go to Church as often as I would like to. I don’t have time.”

Talk about childhood: “My father was a hard-working man, and we (his children) all got jobs as soon as we turned 16. It was very difficult growing up. I’m a first-generation American. My parents are from Mexico, and they both have grade-school educations. We grew up a very close-knit family, and we helped each other out. I love my brother and sisters, and they love me.”

The celebrity or historical figure you admire: “Probably George Washington. Since joining the Army, I have a different outlook. The challenges he was faced with are the challenges I would love to tackle.”

Why you joined the Army: “For financial reasons. The economy took a toll. I had been working for 10 straight years and had been laid off.”

Your reasons for staying in the Army: “Part of it is comfort – my family is very well cared for – and part of it is there are a lot of misguided young people here, and I want to lead them.”

What you like about your MOS: “I like the fact that everybody here works together. It’s very close-knit.”

What people don’t know about 92Ms: “That the people who do this work actually like it. We feel that we make a difference and we do.”

You deployed within the past year: talk about your experiences: “When I was deployed, my wife was pregnant. I had to experience the birth of my child on Skype. Shortly thereafter, we had some babies come through our morgue. I felt uneasy about it. I hadn’t held my newborn child in my arms, and to think that if something had happened to me, I would have never got to hold him. That experience brought out that notion. I get goose bumps all over my body thinking about it even now.”

What it takes to be a Soldier: “It’s a lot of hard work, and its not for everybody. You have to go to bed early, work late and go without seeing your family.’

Best thing about the Army: “The benefits and the fact that you’re going to see places you otherwise would not be able to see.”

Worst thing about the Army: “The fact that you have to spend so much time away from family.”

Goals: “I want to do this as long as I can – until they kick me out – and also take advantage of benefits like education.”