FORT LEE, Va. (April 20, 2017) -- Unit: 392nd Army Band 

MOS: 42R – musician (pianist)

Age: 32

Time in service: five years

Family: wife and child on the way

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Pastimes: “Music used to be my hobby, but now it’s my professional life. I guess my (new) hobby is to spend time with my wife.”

Describe yourself: “I’m an honest person; a loving and caring person. I’m someone who always dreams about new things and who always strives for success.”

Personal strengths: “I never give up. If I don’t accomplish something, I’ll work harder until I get it.”

Personal weaknesses: “One of my flaws is being a bit timid or shy, which sometimes doesn’t have a place in the military.”

Pet peeve: “People who are dishonest. My philosophy is to treat people as I would like to be treated.”

Worst fear: “To not accomplish what I want to accomplish.”

Three things you would take to a deserted island: “Water, food and my wife.”

One dream: “To become a successful film composer.”

One celebrity or historical figure you would like to meet: “I would like one day to meet Bishop T.D. Jakes (a nationally known evangelist). I’ve listened to his preaching and read a lot of his books, and I’ve been retouched by his testimony. I’ve applied a lot of his teachings in my life, and I’ve made a lot of improvements as a result. I would love to have a conversation with him or even play music or him.”

One person you most admire: “Just off the top of my head, (former) President (Barack) Obama. Everything that happened to the country and through all the trials and tribulation – things we know and don’t know – he was able to accomplish what he did. That took a lot of strength – emotionally, mentally and physically – to do it. I admire that.”

Your ideal life: “To be at peace, to love and be comfortable.”

Your life growing up in Montreal: “I was born and raised there in a Christian family. I have five siblings – all born in Haiti. I’m the baby of the family. I played baseball as a kid, and I had to make a decision to either play baseball or go to the music side. I chose music. After high school, I started traveling as a professional musician. I came to the U.S. to attend college (The New School in New York). I stayed because there are many more music opportunities here.”

Your preferred music genres: “Gospel, film scores, rhythm and blues, jazz and classical. I have to be well-rounded because I not only play the piano, but I’m an arranger and composer.”

Your favorite musician: “I really love (jazz pianist and fellow Montreal native) Oscar Peterson, as well as Art Tatum and Bill Evans.”

Why you joined the Army: “Before I got married, I was traveling all over the world, which was great because I didn’t have any responsibilities. Now that I’m married, I have responsibilities, and I can’t go wherever I want to go. I have a wife I’ve got to care for. I had to make a choice. I started with teaching, and that’s when somebody introduced me to the idea of joining the Army. I gave it a try, I auditioned and they gave me the job.”

Whether or not the Army fulfilled your expectations: “The Army fulfilled my expectations in general.”

What it means to serve your country: “Even though I’m a musician, I’m part of the big team, and it’s a privilege to be part of the team.”

One best thing about the Army: “They take care of Soldiers.”

Worst thing: “Toxic leadership.”

What people do not know about Army musicians: “A lot of people don’t know there is an Army band. Also, we don’t have a lot of time to spend with family (due to engagements on nights, weekends and holidays).”

What you would change if you were the Army Chief of Staff: “This might be funny, but I would have people in higher ranks like colonels (go undercover as privates or specialists a la “Undercover Boss”) to work among the troops to see how they’re being treated.”

Future plans: “I’m still debating whether I’m going to spend 20 years in the Army or become an civilian. If I stay or go, my goal is still to become a successful film composer.”