Unit: 508th Transportation Training Detachment, 58th Trans. Battalion, 2nd Trans. Brigade, 94th Training Division

Military occupational specialty: 88M – motor transport operator

Age: 24

Hometown: Baltimore County, Md.

Time in service: Three years

Describe yourself: I’m outgoing and very strong-minded and passionate about some things. I don’t let people walk over me. I often remind myself that I have to work on my attitude.”

How you spend your free time: “I take care of my daughter.”

Something about you no one would guess: “That I love very hard. I’m very passionate about my friendships, relationships, etc. People may not know that from the attitude I sometimes display or the way I sometimes come off.”

Music on your playlist: “It’s older R&B – Monica, Jodeci, etc.”

Favorite quote: “Everything happens for a reason.”

Worst fear: “Elevators – I got stuck in an elevator before and felt like I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t like it at all.”

If you won the lottery … “I would still act like I’m broke. People don’t need to know I have money, and I don’t like showing off what I have.”

When you’ve been most satisfied: “The day I gave birth to my baby.”

If you could do anything, anywhere at this very moment, what and where would that be? “In Hawaii on the beach, with my feet up and laying in the sun.”

One person you admire: “Sgt. T. J. – he showed me what a good leader is. He did anything for his Soldiers, and was very knowledgeable and professional. He made me realize there are good leaders in the Army. He was definitely a role model.”

Your ideal life: “It’s having a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, being an MP (military police) in the Army and buying a house.”

Why you joined the Army: “People said I had a bad attitude and couldn’t do it (serve successfully in the military), so I wanted to prove them wrong. I also joined to get away from home.”

What it means for you to wear the uniform: “It means I’m not selfish. If I’m willing to wear this uniform and potentially go to war, that’s me not being selfish because a lot of people wouldn’t do it.”

Factors in choosing your MOS: “This is the only job I had to choose from.”

Regrets about choosing your current MOS: “I have no regrets, but I do want to switch. I’d like to be an MP and eventually become a probation officer.”

You spent nine months in Germany – talk about your experiences: “It was fine but frustrating because I couldn’t understand anything (the Germans) said. I tried to learn the language. It’s definitely hard.”

Your description of a good leader:“A good leader is someone who is not selfish, who helps and guides their Soldiers to reach the goals they want to reach and who knows the mission isn’t always first. Soldiers are first, too.”

Your description of a good Soldier: “Someone who is not selfish and willing to do anything when it come to the mission.”

Where you see yourself in five years: I see myself still in the Army, being an MP and being an E-6. I also want to buy a house for me and my daughter and purchase a Dodge Durango.”