Spc. Thomas Sharpe

Unit: Medical Department Activity

Time in service: 22 months

Place of Duty: TMC-1

Military occupational specialty: 68W –combat medic specialist

Age: 21

Hometown: Susanville, Calif.

Describe your duties: “My duties consist of screening (patients) and performing administrative functions such as giving safety briefings and checking safety equipment.”

Describe your personality: “I’m maybe overconfident; some people would say ‘cocky.’ I think I’m confident in what I do.”

Pastimes: “I like spending time with my wife and dogs, wakeboarding every chance I get and being on the lake.”

Pet peeve: “Arguing – there’s no need to do it, and there’s no reason we can’t accomplish things without it.”

Dream vehicle: “A 2015 Chevy/GMC truck with 6-inch lifts and big tires.”

Something people would be surprised to know about you: “That I’m married at 21.”

Greatest fear: “Disappointing my family.”

One life-changing event: “Joining the military. I had no intention of going in that direction when I was growing up. I discovered, though, that becoming a 68W gave me opportunities I probably would’ve never gotten if I had stayed home.”

If you could do anything, anywhere right now, what and where would that be? “Spending time with my dad at home in California.”

Who you admire the most: “My father – I like his work ethic. He’s always showed me what I needed to be a man, and what I needed to do to support my family.”

The celebrity or historical figure you would like to meet: “Bryce Harper, hands-down. He’s the best baseball player in the game right now.”

If you won the lottery … “I would do my best to save it so I could give my kids the best life I could.”

What was it like growing up in Susanville? “It’s a beautiful city, and you can’t really beat the nature about it. You’ve got mountains all around you; if you wanted to ride your dirt bike, there’s plenty of places to do that: and you got places to snowboard. I can’t really complain about where I grew up.”

Favorite saying: “I don’t necessarily have a favorite quote or saying, but one observation I’ve always believed in is, ‘the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.’”

Why you chose this MOS: “I originally chose 68C – licensed practical nurse. I let my recruiter sway me out of that. There are pros and cons to it. In pursuing my future goal of becoming a registered nurse, I didn’t see the point in being an LPN. I could just become a medic and slowly work my way to becoming an RN. My ultimate goal is to be a DO or doctor of osteopathic medicine.”

What you love about your MOS: “Making confident and correct decisions with my patient care.”

What you dislike about your job: “Like anywhere else, there’s gossip. Everyone talks.”

What you expect out of leaders: “To guide me to the right path. That way, I can competently lead my Soldiers as I gain additional responsibility.”

What you expect out of your peers: “To not be lazy. I like co-workers who can get the job done.”

Future plans: “On the personal level – maybe in the next five or six years – my goal is to have a baby or two ... maybe three if it happens. Professionally, I plan to have my RN in the next two years. We’ll see where my opportunities lead me from there.”