America's Military

Name: Spc. Tim Harris Jr.



Fort Lee Dental Activity



68E – dental specialist




Time in service:


three years



Brooklyn, N.Y.



son, Jaden, 2 years old; daughter, Janiyah, 2 years old



"I love music, movies and video games – ‘Madden,’ ‘Call of Duty,’ etc."

Describe yourself:


"Hardworking, funny, sarcastic and dedicated. I’m weird at first, but I grow on people."



If you won the million dollar lottery: "Half of it will go into some type of savings so it could gain interest; a quarter goes to my family; and I’ll blow the rest of it."

The one place in the world you would go on vacation:


"A couple of weeks ago it was Japan, but it just got hit so I can’t say Japan. I would say England."

Your talent:


"I’m good at English – grammar, spelling, writing stories, essays, poems – whatever."

The one person you most admire:


"My father (Tim Harris Sr.). He joined the Army at 17 and raised two kids by himself, so I look up to him."

Dream car:


"A Nissan Skyline GTR."

Worst fear:


"Fear of failure."

One defining moment:


"When I had kids. I’m no longer living for myself … well, I’m still living for myself, but in the future they’re going to look up to me and see what I did, what I accomplished. I have to make something extra out of myself so they can aspire to something."

The most memorable event in your military career:


"Basic training. You see people from different walks of life gathered in one place to achieve one common goal – moving from civilian to Soldier. You’re going to have fights, arguments, tears, people missing home, but you’re all in it together and you come out stronger than what you were before."

Why you joined the Army:


"I graduated high school early, started college and got bored with it. I wanted to be an X-ray tech. I finished all my prerequisites and was put on a waiting list. I was working part-time and going to school. After that, I got bored with doing the same old thing every day. That’s when I joined the Army. It may not have been the best choice. I should have thought about it, but I don’t regret it."

How do you like your job (your MOS)?:


"I like my MOS because you are able to help people. I’m a people person, and if I can look back at the end of the day and remember expressions such as, ‘Thanks for my X-rays,’ ‘Thanks for making my appointment’ or ‘Thank you for whatever you did’ – as long as I helped that person, that’s what makes my job good to me."

One best thing about the Army:


"The noncommissioned officers. True NCOs, regardless of rank, have your back no matter what. They look out for you. They guide you. You get in trouble, and they help you out – whatever they need to do, they’ll do it for you."

What it really means to be a Soldier:


"Military bearing, putting the mission first and sacrifice. That’s what it really means to be a Soldier."

Your thoughts about deployment:


"Everybody before me has gone. Why can’t I go? Plus, you get extra money for going."

What are your goals?:


"I want to make E-5 in five years. I also want to get a degree before I get out of the Army. Furthermore, I want to get out, go to school and come back in and serve as an officer."


Compiled by T. Anthony Bell