America's Military

FORT LEE, Va. (Oct. 1, 2009) - Name: Spc. Kirkman Daigle

Unit: 506th Quartermaster Company

MOS: 92F - petroleum supply specialist

Age: 46

Time in service: six years on the first term; eight months currently

Hometown: Eunice, La.

Family: wife, Tammy; six children

Pastimes: "Riding motorcycles."

How would you describe yourself?: "I'm a fun guy, honest, too. I'll sit down and listen to you, but I won't give you any advice."

Worst fear: "I really don't have a fear. The only thing I fear is hurting my wife in some way."

Biggest regret: "I should've stayed in (the Army after the first term). I tried to save a marriage. If I'd stayed in, I'd be retired right now."

Who do you most admire?: "That would be my parents (Raymond and Mary Alice Daigle)."

What celebrity would you trade places with?: "Probably John Wayne - everybody loved him; everybody looked up to him; and he only died in a couple of westerns."

One life-changing event: "When I was in the service before - when I became an NCO. Back then, whenever you made it, it (responsibility) was thrown on you, and it was thrown hard. It bought you to reality. I hadn't had my rank on an hour, and I had already had a half-hour butt-chewing."

Why did you come back in after more than 18 years?: "It was two reasons. One, I wanted to come in and get over to the sand box. The other one, I wanted to get a retirement. "

What's behind your desire to deploy?: "It's something I didn't do whenever I was here the last time. Tell you the truth; you get tired hearing about all the kids going over. I've fulfilled my life. Maybe I can provide some knowledge to younger Soldiers to help out."

You're older than most of your peers. How do you fit in?: "I conduct myself like a regular Soldier. I give them all the respect, but in return, they look at me as an older person that has been in their shoes. They will listen to me. They may not do as I would like them to do, but they think about it."

What's your approach to duties as a prior service Soldier?: "Watch, listen and learn."

You are a careerist. What are your expectations? "I want to get my buck sergeant first, and then I'd like to be a drill instructor."

What are some of the distinct advantages of military service? "What I noticed now compared to the time before is that more people come up to you and tell you, 'Thanks' for your service. It wasn't like that before. They didn't tell you 'Thanks.' You were just another Joe on the block."

Best thing about the Army: "The benefits; and I still do see a lot of camaraderie out here."

Worst thing about the Army: "The worst thing would be the deployments, you know, going and leaving Family, being away from the wife. I've got a wife that I recently married. She's never been in the military, and she's never been out of the state of Louisiana. She's been here a little over a month now, so there's a lot of adjusting on her part. I can imagine how it is for these Soldiers who are getting married and they're young and being away from home for the first time."

What is the most important Army Value? "I think loyalty; it's just like that old dog that likes to see you when you get there and you know he's going to be there anytime you want him to be there."