Name: Pfc. Roxanne Acevedo



Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 11th Psychological Operations Battalion, 2nd PSYOPS Group, U.S. Army Reserve



56M – chaplain’s assistant




Time in service:


one year



Providence, Rhode Island




Describe yourself:


"I’m extremely outgoing and outspoken, and I love to be in the limelight."



"I am extremely motivated and happy – I like to make people happy and make them laugh. I also like to prove myself. A lot of people see me as small and petite and (think) I can’t do much, but I’m smart and I show them I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. "



"I can get defensive, especially if I have a strong opinion about something and someone goes against it."

Dream car:


"A Lamborghini."

Worst fear:


"Losing a loved one like my mother and my brother."

Your talent:


"I have such a big heart, so it would be helping people. I just care so much."

Your biggest mistake:


"I feel like I let my brother (Jose) down. I felt like I could’ve been there a little more for him. He’s actually incarcerated right now. If I had pushed him a little harder or taken him under my wing a little more, he wouldn’t be where he is."The one place in the world you would take a vacation: "Home – (Bayamon) Puerto Rico."


The one person you most admire:


"I admire my mother (Josefina). She’s done so much. She was a single parent, raising both my brother and me. She was a nurse, studied karate, learned sign language and went into law enforcement. Now she’s an investigator for a bank."

One defining moment:


"Being young (14 -15 years of age) and seeing my brother taken away (by law enforcement officials). Seeing him that way made me want to help him and help others. If I can’t help that way, I want to help put the bad people away. That’s what really pushed me to go into criminal justice. I have an associate’s degree, and I’m pursuing a bachelor’s."

Why you joined the Army:


"I joined because my brother wanted to join so badly, but he failed the math portion of the ASVAB and couldn’t get in. I wanted to help him by pursuing his dream for him. I was always an active child, so I thought that the uniform and everything would suit me."

Talk about your job as a chaplain’s assistant:


"I love being a chaplain’s assistant. A lot of people think that being a chaplain’s assistant is so easy, that all we do is sit back and relax. It isn’t easy. It keeps you busy, and you are able to help people. I love that."

What does it really mean to be a Soldier?:


"A Soldier needs to be dedicated. You need to have honor; you need to have integrity. A lot of people don’t have integrity – doings things right when nobody’s looking. And you need to want to help and be able take orders. That’s hard, too, taking orders. A lot of people can’t take orders. I can, and at the same time, I want to be the one to give orders – in time."

Best thing about the Army:


"Being able to travel to so many different places that I would never be able to go.

What motivates you to serve knowing that you could pay the ultimate price?:


"I always think about who I’m helping. Not everyone can be a Soldier, so you have to think about those who are not – my family for instance. I feel like I’m protecting them by wearing this uniform. I’m making America a safer place, even though I’m just one Soldier. Being with other Soldiers and helping each other to be a team, we can deal with any obstacles thrown our way."



"I want to be a police officer or correctional officer. I love animals; I’m obsessed. If I could open up a shelter or donate as much money as I could, I would. And I love kids. My husband wants four children, so we’ll be starting shortly."


– Compiled by T. Anthony Bell