Spc. Charles Leong from Alpha Company, 244th Quartermaster Battalion, holds the CASCOM Soldier of the Year trophy that was presented to him by the commanding general on July 15 on Seay Field.

Unit: Alpha Company, 244th Quartermaster Battalion

Hometown: Dededo, Guam

Age: 24

Time in service: two years

Military occupational specialty: 92A – automated logistical specialist. According to, automated logistical specialists are “primarily responsible for supervising and performing management or warehouse functions in order to maintain equipment records and parts.”

Describe your personality: “I’m a compassionate people-person who is hardworking and always eager about learning new things.”

Pastimes: “I go to the gym a lot. I study, and I put time into my business, ‘Self-Made Apparel.’” (Leong says he is an entrepreneur who is interested in clothing for athletic and leisure activities.)

How you got started in business: “I always wanted to be part of a brand, and if (that wasn’t possible), why not make my own? It means a lot to me because I literally started from scratch. I’ve done what it takes to get to where I am today, however, I didn’t do it all by myself. I received guidance from peers, and it took off from there.”

The music on your playlist: “I listen to a lot of hip hop, rap and R & B … Bryson Tiller, Chris Brown, Drake, Travis Scott …”

Worst fear: “Losing my family. I have a close family, and that means a lot. Being here and not knowing what is going on there (in Guam) sometimes worries me.”

The talent you would most like to have: “Being a well-rounded athlete. One that if you throw an obstacle at me, I’ll perform to overcome it.”

Favorite quote: “It’s from an app I have on my phone: ‘One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through, and it will be someone else’s survival guide.’”

Pet peeve: “When people tell you one thing, then you turn around and it’s a different story. Basically, people who don’t live up to their word.”

If you could do anything at this very moment, what and where would that be? “I’d go home to visit my family.”

When you have been most satisfied: “When I won the CASCOM Best Warrior competition (he is pictured holding the trophy and wearing the Army Commendation Medal he was awarded on July 15). After all the obstacles I went through over the past two years in the military, I felt like it was the reassurance I needed in my life. Also, when I received my (college) degree. That’s what my mother wanted.”

The motivation you have to be the best Soldier possible: “The examples set by the NCOs and officers surrounding me.”

Talk about your upbringing: “I was born in Guam and raised by my mother. My parents were divorced when I was in high school. I was supposed to enlist right out of high school, but I decided to stay back to be a father figure to my sister and be there for my family. Then, I pursued a degree and joined the Army in 2018.”

Who you most admire: “My grandfather. He was in the Military Sealift Command for 23 years. He did it to motivate my family. Being on ships for that amount of time is very motivational.”

Why you enlisted in the Army: “To be the first in my family to enlist; to make a difference in people’s lives, and to travel.”   

Why you chose the 92A military occupational specialty: “I was thinking of the opportunities outside the military. I think being in the logistical field can prepare me for opportunities in the civilian sector. There are a lot of companies looking for people experienced in accountability, property management, etc.”

What it means to wear the uniform: “To me, it means loyalty, duty and respect.”

Where you see yourself in five years: “I see myself still being in the service, growing my business and becoming a drill sergeant.”