April 5
Spc. Alan Klein is America's Mililtary for April, 2007

Name: Spc. Alan Klein

Unit: HHC, 530th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion

MOS: 92F – Petroleum Supply Specialist

Age: 20

Time in service: 20 months

Hometown: Atlanta, Mich.

Most recent accomplishments: “Being where I am today.”

Family: Stepfather and mother, Ed and Claudia Wolter; father, Richard Klein

Pastimes: “Hanging out with friends, watching movies.”

Most embarrassing moment: “I was 3 years old, just learning to swim and my pants were pulled down in front of everybody at the pool. Older brothers can be so cruel.”

One life changing event: “Following in the footsteps of family members and joining the military.”

If I wasn’t in the Army: “I’d be working in the cement business with my stepdad.”

Worst fear: “Dying before I get married and having a family of my own.”

Why I joined the Army: “To do something positive with my life instead of staying around all the negative stuff. Growing up in Atlanta, there was nothing productive about it. There was drugs or getting in trouble with the law. Joining was a way to do something positive with my life.”

What I would change about the Army: “The rank structure. I think because you’ve been in the Army that doesn’t mean that you know everything about what you’re doing. It should be based on age and not time in service.”

The person I admire the most: “My high school math teacher. He had so much wisdom that he wanted to share with students and treated them more like individuals than somebody who didn’t know anything.”

What makes a good leader: “Someone who can understand and has the judgement to treat each situation different because each situation is not the same.”

What makes a good Soldier: “Someone who can follow orders and knows what has to be done in the absence of orders.”

Best thing about being in the Army: “Getting to travel and see different parts of the world.”

Values: “Never lie, have respect for yourself and others. Those two are the foundations for everything else.”

Motivations: “Having my family tell me that they’re proud of something they couldn’t do.”

Goals: “To stay in the Army as long as I can; marry my fiancé as soon as possible.”