CASCOM HQ Named After Logistician

Somervell Hall serves as the headquarters building for the U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command and is the headquarters building for the Fort Lee installation.

Gen. Brehon Burke Somervell served in many military and Civilian capacities during his 32 years of service. He attended West Point Military Academy and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers.

Somervell served as a military attache in World War I, as well as adjutant of the 15th Engineer Regiment. One of Somervell’s major accomplishments was the task of construction of Army camps and troop cantonments in a short period of time in 1941. His success in building a gigantic Civilian construction force and marshalling a huge logistical effort resulted in getting shelter over the heads of Soldiers before the heavy rains of February in the South began.

This accomplishment sealed his reputation as a superb logistician. He was promoted to lieutenant general in 1942, and was selected to head the Army Service Forces – an office that he held throughout the war. He was promoted to full general in 1945.