The City of Hopewell's Public Affairs Office is responsible for a wide variety of information-related services to citizens, City Council, the City Administration, the media, and the public at-large. This office:

  • Records information on ACIS, the City's 24-hour information line
  • Manages Freedom of Information Act requests
  • Maintains contact with the media and issues press releases
  • Performs research for the City Manager, City Council, and other City departments
  • Maintains Solutions, the City Manager's citizen & councilor comment system
  • Writes speeches for employees and elected officials
  • Edits information for this web site and uploads updates
  • Serves as liaison for the City of Hopewell on the Virginia First Cities Coalition
  • Serves as a member of the local Emergency Planning Committee
  • Serves on the Central Virginia Film Board as one of its Board of Directors.

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