Length of federal service: six years

Job title: sponsorship and advertising manager, Fort Lee Family and MWR

Time on the job: three weeks

Hometown: El Paso, Texas

Job duties: “I’m the main point of contact for businesses interested in supporting FMWR activities. Businesses can sponsor installation events through monetary or in-kind means, such as providing us talent for Fourth at the Fort concerts. We also provide advertising opportunities for companies through channels such as our digital screens, websites and social media.”

Background: “Working on the FMWR marketing department team at Fort Bliss, Texas, is where I got my start in federal service. About four-and-a-half years ago, I took over the sponsorship and advertising program for the Army in Alaska (forts Wainwright and Greely). When I moved to Wainwright from Texas, it was springtime. I went from 100-degree Texas weather to landing in Fairbanks (Alaska), where it was 30 degrees and snowing in the middle of April. That was an adjustment. Additionally, in the wintertime, you get about 45 minutes of sunlight, negative 65-degree weather and 10-feet of snow. The summers are absolutely beautiful. It’s like a complete 180 – you get 24 hours of sunlight in June, July and August, and you have gorgeous weather: 80 degrees and little humidity.”

What do you believe in? “I believe people will ultimately do the best they can.”

Favorite movie: “‘The Breakfast Club.’”

Pastimes: “I like to go to wineries, and I like being on the water.”

Worst fear: “Spiders.”

Greatest extravagance: “I really like to travel.”

If you could do anything, anywhere right now, what and where would that be? “I’ve never been on a cruise, and I love the water, so I’d go on a 7-day boat trip to the Bahamas.”

One person you admire: “My mom. She served in the military for 24 years, and she did it as a single mother. By giving me a really amazing life and the opportunity to see her pursue her career goals – she also works for FMWR and has a Ph.D – she developed my senses of perseverance and strength. I really admire her for that.”

Favorite motto: “Something we’ve repeated within my family is ‘Be all that you can be’ (a 1980s Army recruiting slogan), which says something about not comparing yourself to others and doing the best you can do. It’s something that’s stuck with me.”

A celebrity or historical figure worth meeting: “I would want to meet Nora Ephron (who co-wrote and directed ‘Sleepless in Seattle’). She was a trailblazer in the journalism and film industries. At the start of her career, she was denied for a writing position at Newsweek because they didn't hire female writers, but that didn’t stop her from establishing herself as a well-known writer and filmmaker. Ms. Ephron faced her challenges head-on and questioned ‘why not?’ I would ask her where she found her inspiration to break down barriers and what motivated her even when times were tough.”

One life-changing event: “When I was offered the job in Alaska. I’ve moved around my entire life, but I’ve always had someone there with me, whether I was moving with my mom or living with my dad. There was always a built-in support system for me. When I accepted the job in Alaska, I was doing it 100 percent on my own. I didn’t know a soul there. It taught me so much.”

Your greatest achievement: “Professionally, my greatest achievement was being a part of the team that started the Army eSports Initiative (a recruiting effort centered on video game enthusiasts) three years ago. We worked with eight garrisons to put on eSports, and now it’s grown to 16 locations. It’s really kind of taken over.”

What you love most about your work: “I love the opportunity of developing relationships with outside businesses to help grow FMWR programing for our service members. I grew up in a military family that used the post pool every summer and went bowling every Friday night – part of our mandatory family fun. So, now being a DOD employee and working to ensure facilities like our TenStrike Bowling Center has a free-of-charge youth bowling program is dear to my heart.”

What you expect from leaders: “Passion, dedication and support.”

Future aspirations: “One day, I want to be a marketing director for FMWR at a large garrison. Personally, I’d love to get married, have kids, etc. I want it all (laugh).”