Recognizing Civilians

Age: 32

Hometown: Blackstone

Place of duty: TenStrike Bowling Center

Position: Operations assistant/social media subject matter expert

Length of federal service: Six years

Former line of work: Civilian firefighter and emergency medical technician

Role and responsibilities as an operations assistant: “I perform a wide range of business operations such as taking reservations, fielding customer questions, answering phone calls and helping employees with things they might find difficult here on the job. I’m trained to work anywhere except for behind the machines with the mechanics. I also handle our social media sites and shoot and edit videos to support our marketing efforts.”

The aspect of your job that challenges you most: “Not being home with my son at night (TenStrike opens at 11 a.m. daily and closes well into the evening).”

What you love most about your position: “Customer service. I enjoy working with community members. I have people who come in here regularly, and although I might not remember their names, I usually know what they’re looking for or what they need. I enjoy working with customers and enjoy the relationships. If I left this job, I would definitely miss them.”

The motivation to carry out your duties: “Being able to work with the military. A lot of my family members are in the military. During the summer, I’ll sometimes work with the military under contract. I’m big on supporting the military.”

Your greatest achievement: “Setting up the social media presence we have. I took it on seriously about two years ago … we get a lot of four- and five-star reviews.”

What you expect from leaders: “Honesty; just lead with honesty. If you’re an honest person, integrity will follow.”

What you expect of your coworkers: “Teamwork and respect.”

Where you would most like to live: “San Diego – I almost moved there.”

Where you were the happiest: “I was happiest when I was working with the rescue squad and fire department (in Blackstone) … just being able to help people. Even with people I didn’t know, having them come up to you years later because they remembered you helped them in a car wreck. I loved it.”

Pet peeves: “Dishonesty is No. 1.”

The historical or celebrity you would like to meet: “It would like to meet Langston Hughes (the Harlem Renaissance-era poet). When I first began writing, he was somebody I was compared to. I write and present a lot of poetry, and I would just like to talk with him to see what’s on his mind.”

What would surprise people about you? “A lot of people don’t realize I do a lot with poetry, to include publishing a book. Also, a lot of people don’t know I have a music studio set up in my house that I use for entertainment and poetry.”

The talent you wished you had: “Being a mechanic – having the ability to put things together and work on them. For some reason, when it comes to working on a vehicle or something similar, it’s just not in me (laugh). I wish I had that talent.”

Greatest fear: “Living a life unfulfilled.”

Favorite motto, quote, scripture, etc.: “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”

Your role models: “My mother, my father and my uncle who is a retired Marine Corps E-9. He’s full of advice and wisdom.”

Your ambitions: “I would like to complete my registered nurse education and pursue a job as a nurse practitioner.”