Recognizing Civilian - Grandin

Position: Director, Logistics Exercise and Simulation Directorate

Duties: “I lead the premiere Army organization in the planning and execution of constructive sustainment simulation exercises in support of the Sustainment warfighter.” 

Hometown: Keene, New Hampshire

Length of time in federal service and the military if you served: “I have more than 41 years of combined federal service – 24 as an active duty Soldier and 17 as a Department of the Army Civilian.”       

One of the biggest accomplishments in your career: “While serving in the 82nd Airborne Division, I developed a Joint Fire Support training program that taught paratroopers to direct close-air support, shoot naval gunfire and control AC-130 gunships.”  

One of your biggest personal accomplishments: “Being a successful husband, father, grandfather and brother.”

The aspect of your current job that challenges you most: “The increasing demand for LESD support of world-wide exercises with no increase in resources.”

The aspect of your job that you like the most: “Leading a championship team that is the best in the world at what they do.”

What do you love most about your career? “Training, coaching and mentoring team members and assisting them in achieving their goals.”

Who in your career helped you the most and why? “Jude Shea, the director of the Korea Battle Simulation Center has helped me the most in my career. As a highly respected leader in the modeling and simulation community, he mentored me on the technical design and simulation support of large-scale simulation-driven exercises.”   

What do you feel is your legacy to the people you’re working with now? “To never compromise your integrity and to embrace the power of positive leadership.”

What advice would you give to co-workers as you ready yourself for retirement? “I would advise my co-workers to always keep growing and striving to improve in their professional and personal lives. I also would advise them to maintain a balance in their work, family and spiritual life.”

What about you personally do you hope to have passed on to others? “A commitment to excellence and a dedication to every team member, as this is the formula for success. In addition, the importance of training America’s sons and daughters to prepare them to go into harm’s way.” 

Tell me about one life-changing moment: “When I accepted God as my Lord and Savior.”

What would surprise people to know about you? “I am one of three Hall of Famers in my family. My father is in the Keene State College sports Hall of Fame, and my brother and I are in our high school sports Hall of Fame.”

Favorite quote or saying: “‘We are better together’ and ‘Always be humble and kind.’”

Your future plans: “I will spend more time with my wife and family, travel, be a servant leader at my church and volunteer in the community.