Hometown: Omaha, Neb.

What is the origin of your last name? Thailand

Position: Office administrator, Basic Wheel Division, Ordnance School

Time in current position (and military if served): “I was an Army supply sergeant. I deployed to Tallil, Iraq, from 2000-2004. I’ve been at this position since March 30.”

Biggest personal accomplishment: “I have an ongoing Arts Legacy Project that is a compilation of two decades worth of products I have created for veteran service organizations.”

The aspect of your job that challenges you most: “Right now, it’s ensuring all preventive steps are being taken against COVID-19.”

The aspect of your job you like the most: “The folks I work with really care about the advanced individual training students that are here to learn their military occupational specialty.”

What’s the best thing your boss has said about you? “Mrs. Vibo is a magician!”

What do you feel is your strength in working with co-workers or customers?  “My ‘Can-Do’ attitude every day I come to work at Stever Hall.”

Do you work with your community, and if so, how? “I am very active within veteran service organizations like the Veterans Writing Project, Oxford Brookes Veterans’ Writing Workshops, and the British Army and the Arts Project in Edinburgh.” 

What are you (and your family) doing to stay sane during this more stressful time than usual? “We walk our dogs. I create lots of poetry and take part in online writing workshops. My handy spouse works on home improvement projects.”

Worst fear: “It already happened, and I survived.” (She did not elaborate on the statement.)

Favorite saying and why: “‘Be Kind to Yourself.’ Your behavioral health is as important as your physical health.”    

Favorite book and why: “‘Black Elk Speaks: The Complete Edition’ (by John G. Neihardt). It is a masterpiece.”  

One person you admire: “My Mom. She is a cancer survivor and the very definition of perseverance.”   

If you could get a ‘do-over’ would you take it and what would it be?  “Yes, I would’ve made it through more than one week of airborne school.”     

The historical figure or celebrity you’d like to meet: “Ulysses S. Grant. As a National Park Service ranger at Petersburg National Battlefield, I studied his life and found his story compelling. He seemingly lived an entire lifetime during the Civil War alone. After reading telegraphs, studying war plans, and walking some of the battlefields of the western and eastern theatres, I had a greater sense of Grant's fortitude. His personal memoirs prove that he understood the stakes of a war of attrition. Later on, Grant was president during a deeply fractured time in the history of our nation. He made mistakes, but his story is a portrait of courage I appreciate for its resiliency.”

If you could do anything you wanted at this very moment, what and where would that be? “I would be a Poet-In-Residence and make art 8-10 hours a day with my spouse and dogs at home with me.”

When were you the most satisfied? “Right now. I have an art exhibit showing for the British Army Virtual Fringe Festival, a radio segment that will air next week, and I’m involved with lots of poetry projects. My husband works at Fort Lee, and we have lovely neighbors. Especially during a pandemic, I don't take a single moment for granted.”

What’s the first thing you plan to do when things return to normal? “Travel (mask-free).”

Where do you see yourself in five years? “Leading Army and Arts Writing Workshops at Fort Lee.”