Recognizing Civilians - Mary Campbell

Mary Campbell, administrative assistant for Alpha Company, Army Logistics University Support Battalion

Position: administrative assistant

Place of duty: Alpha Company, Army Logistics University Support Battalion

Hometown: Prince George County

Time in federal service: 10 years (all at Fort Lee)

Duties: “I handle the administrative requirements (personnel actions, leaves, etc.) for Soldiers enrolled in the Captains’ Career Course. Currently, I’m tracking roughly 400 students. Although the daily tasks can be repetitious, no two days at this job are alike.”

Do you volunteer? “I work with the Women’s and Benevolence Ministries within my church – all in the realm of human services. Also, I am a member of the Parent Advisory Board with the Youth Center at Fort Lee.”

Your primary motivation: “What honestly motivates me is my love for people. I love the instant gratification in being able to assist someone from the smallest thing to something that may take a few tries.”

Your greatest achievement: “Being a mother to my 16-year-old son. Seeing what I’ve poured into him manifested in his maturity – his willingness to take on leadership roles in the 4H as camp counselor, for one – and seeing how well he adapts.  For me, that provides motivation and confidence to continue to aspire as a positive role model for my son.”

Dream car: “I’m pretty much ‘Plain Jane’ when it comes to cars, but right now, I think I would like an Acura MDX.”

Pet peeves: “I’m very territorial about my personal space.”

A favorite quote: “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it turned into a beautiful butterfly.”

Something no one would guess about you: “I’m a foodie who’s into craft beer.”

Your greatest extravagance: “Believe it or not, I’m a sneaker-head (one who is enthused for or collects athletic shoes). This is the way my son and I bond. I have three different apps on my phone that let me know when and what shoes will be released.”

Where you would most like to live: “Somewhere on the water because I love the beach. Charleston, S.C., would be ideal just because it’s so serene.”

If you could do anything, anywhere right now, what and where would that be? “I would be traveling abroad. Actually, I want to go to Thailand – just the scenery itself; it’s so serene and peaceful.”

A celebrity worth meeting: “Robin Roberts (the co-host of ‘Good Morning, America’). Overcoming obstacles due to her health, being open about who she is, and standing in her truth – she is a phenomenal example of a black woman and a great example of resiliency.”

Greatest fear: “Failing in my son’s eyes – as parents we are constantly telling kids ‘you have to’ or ‘you need to’ – but not being able to meet the very requirements you’re holding your child to can be scary sometimes.”

Your role models: “My mother; a very close friend of mine; and my niece. My close girlfriend and I met when I was in my 20s, and she had no family here. She pulled me in as her little sister because she never had one. I ended up being there for her children all the way through adulthood. She poured a lot into my life at a young age, and I see it now as an adult. With my niece, it’s interesting. I’m older, but when I’m stumped or troubled, she’s the one who gets me through it.”

One life-changing moment: “Losing my dad (a retired Soldier). I was the baby girl of the family. Going through Army resiliency training was one of the things that helped.  Being there in the final days with my father allowed me to get through it, and it allowed me to help my son understand as well. My advice is that if time allows, you need to be there before they take their last breath.”

What you love most about your job: “I love the fact you’re constantly meeting someone new. Every class brings something different. I also love working with and supporting my command team.”

What you expect from leaders: “Knowing they have my back; knowing they will make an effort to provide me with whatever is needed for success.”

Where you see yourself in five years: “Furthering my career and supporting my son through his college years. Also, I would like to further my educational background by obtaining a master’s degree in business administration.”