Mary Tucker

Hometown: Waverly

Birth Year: “I just celebrated my 93rd birthday on Friday”

Time in current position: 51 years

Position: Janitorial Services

Current Duties: General cleaning of Defense Contract Management Agency Headquarters Building (Homer Hall)  

One of the biggest accomplishments in your career: “I would have to say the friendships I have made. I love the people I support, and the relationships I have formed mean everything to me.”

Biggest personal accomplishment: “Some people might say serving the Fort Lee community for 51 years and being able to do it through your 93 birthday is an accomplishment. I’m just grateful for the Lord who has allowed me to do what I love to do for all these years.”

The aspect of your job that challenged you most: “Sometimes, you get a random person who insists things be cleaned their preferred way and on their preferred schedule. That can be challenging at times.”

The aspect of your job you liked the most:  “The people. They are the reason I get out of bed every day.”

What’s the best thing a boss, co-worker or customer has said about you? “I always appreciate when people say I bring a little happiness into their day.”

To what do you attribute longevity in your job? “I am just grateful for the good Lord who allowed me the health I needed to do this job day-in and day-out.”

What do you feel is your strength in working with co-workers or customers?  “Finding the good in people. If you’re looking for it and connecting with people in meaningful ways, there is good to be found in everyone.”

Do you work with your community, and if so, how? “I’m an usher and deaconess in my church. These two positions have allowed me to serve my church family in a meaningful way.”

What are you (and your family) doing to stay sane during this more stressful time than usual? “We call and remind each other there are better days ahead of us. We’re also praying to ask God for his help in overcoming this virus.”

Worst fear: “I’m enjoying life so much that I don’t have time to be fearful of anything.”

On your playlist: “I like anything with a Jazz and Gospel flavor to it.”

Favorite saying and why: “‘Thank you, Jesus.’ It makes me feel good and reminds me where my blessings and happiness come from.”

Favorite book and why: “Puzzle books. I could do them all day if I didn’t get tired.”             ”

One person you admire: “I know it’s more than one person, but I have to say my children. They are always doing something to help others. They have made me a very proud mother.”

If you could get a ‘do-over,’ would you take it and what would it be? “I don’t think I would do anything over. I always try to appreciate what I’m doing and what I have been given in life.”

The historical figure or celebrity you’d like to meet: “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

If you could do anything you wanted at this very moment, what and where would that be? “Travel around and see new things.”

When were you the most satisfied? “I’m assuming this Friday when I retire will be a very satisfying day for me.”

What are your plans for retirement? “I want to meet new people, continue to be myself and happily go down the new paths the Lord leads me to.”