Patricia Eason

Hometown: Farnham, on one of the peninsulas northeast of Richmond

Time in current position (and military if served): “I came back to the Department of Public Works a little over three years ago, but I’ve been with the Army for 34 years.”

Position:  Lead engineering technician, Operations and Maintenance Division, Contract Management Branch

Duties: Contracting officer representative for the Base Operations and Maintenance Contract

Biggest accomplishment in your career: “I’ve always worked in customer service-based positions, and I love to help people. Most of my career has been in the logistics transportation world. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with and beside many civilians and military of all branches of service.”

Your biggest personal accomplishment: “Being married to a wonderful husband for almost 44 years and raising two sons that have grown into wonderful men.”

The aspect of the job that challenges you most: “I don’t like telling people ‘No,’ but sometimes I have no choice and that can be frustrating. I’m a people pleaser by nature and sometimes I can’t help people due to contractual restraints.”

The aspect of the job you like the most: “Performing my duties as the contracting officer representative. Helping people and assisting with coordinating events for the installation.”

What’s the best thing your boss has said about you? “I’m a hard worker, and I don’t give up.”

What is your strength in working with co-workers or customers?  “I try to provide them the same kindness and support I would expect for myself if the roles were reversed.”

Do you work with your community, and if so, how? “When at all possible, I voluntarily assist with organizing events on the installation. I love helping with the Fort Lee (Grand Illumination) Holiday Lane and collecting toys for Holiday Helper.” 

What are you (and your family) doing to stay sane during this more stressful time than usual? “Trying to think positively and spending more time with my family.”

Worst fear: “Growing old and being a burden to my children.”

Favorite saying and why: “My dad always said, ‘Hard work never killed anybody,’ and I have tried to live by that statement.”    

Favorite book and why: “‘Fail Until You Don’t’ by Bobby Bones. It’s all about not giving up and pushing forward for what you want.”  

One person you admire: “My mother. She is 85 years young, and I only hope to be as kind and caring as she is. My mother is the closest thing to a saint that I’ve ever met.”   

If you could get a ‘do-over,’ would you take it and what would it be? “I would take it and definitely see more of the world.”     

The historical figure or celebrity you’d like to meet: “President John F. Kennedy”

If you could do anything you wanted at this very moment, what and where would that be? “I would love to make human beings more understanding of each other.  We have too much hate in this world.”

When were you the most satisfied? “When my husband retired.”

What’s the first thing you plan to do when things return to normal? “That all depends on what our normal will look like. I want to travel more with my husband.  There’s so many places to see and things to do, and there’s not always enough time.”

Where do you see yourself in five years? “Retired and loving life.”