FORT LEE, Va. (July 2, 2015) -- Name: Patsy Piggott

Hometown: Georgetown, S.C.

Title: Army Emergency Relief specialist

How long at ACS? “12 years at Fort Lee. I also worked at the ACS in Kaiserslautern, Germany, for about 5 years.”

How did you end up at Fort Lee? “I was active duty military, and I was stationed on Fort Lee. I met my husband here. My husband is from Williamsburg, and we decided to retire here because of the close proximity to our families.”

Military experience at Fort Lee: “My branch was the Transportation Corps. After I completed my basic course, I was assigned to Fort Lee at the 57th Transportation Company as a second lieutenant. I went to jump school at Fort Benning, Ga., and then I came back to Fort Lee for my assignment. I was really familiar with the area.”

How did you get started with ACS? “I also knew about ACS, even when I was on active duty. I was a platoon leader and I had Soldiers who needed counseling and some who had financial issues. I remember – early on – we had someone from ACS come to the unit to brief us and tell us about the services and programs that were available. I have a background in social work and sociology, so it kind of fit with the needs of the Soldiers.”

Hobbies: “I like to garden. I like to ride bikes. I do some jogging.”

Stuff you can’t live without: “Cakes. Ice cream. Coffee.”

Dream vacation: “My son loved Hawaii, so that is my dream vacation.”

Pet peeves: “I like people who tell me the truth the first time. I like people to be upfront with me. I like to think that everyone will treat you the way you will treat them.”

Favorite quote: “My favorite quote would have to be one of the things my mother always said to me growing up. What she said is ‘respect is earned.’”

Favorite book: “My favorite book is ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,’ and my favorite author is Maya Angelou. That book was one of the first ones I read. I really enjoyed it not because I had to, but because I knew about the author.”

Worst fear: “My children getting hurt.”

Talents: “I can sing.”

Someone you admire: “My husband. Whenever there is something going on with me, my husband is the first person I call. When I’m not feeling good, my husband is the first person I call or text. He always seems to make sense out of everything and always gives me a different perspective. Sometimes, when you aren’t feeling good, you need a person to not only be loving and kind, but also to give you a different perspective.”

Qualities you admire: “Be a good person. Be a good citizen. Agree to disagree. Have your opinion, but be able to justify why you have the opinion. Stand for things you think are the right thing to do. Help someone you know in need. Always have a kind word for someone because you don’t know how tough their day has been or will be. If you know of a service or someone who can help someone in need, willingly share that information. Do your very best to pay it forward.”

What do you expect from your leaders? “I expect my leaders will lead by example. I expect my leaders will treat those they lead with respect and indifference. I don’t mean they have to treat each employee the same way they treat each other, however, they need to treat them fairly.”

Something people would be surprised to know about you: “ I have a dog, and I love dogs. Every time I say I have a dog and her name is Sadie, people seem surprised. I guess I don’t seem like a dog person.”

Future aspirations: “I want to get my son through college. I want to travel. At some point, I want to work at the Department of the Army level. I have about eight years until I retire, and hopefully that’s where I’ll be for the last few years.”