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FORT LEE, Va. (June 9, 2016) -- Name: Rhonda Sanders Hometown: Fayette, Miss.

Family: “Husband Tom Corcoran and Maltese furbaby Kayla.”

Job title: Dermatology physician assistant at Family Medicine Clinic

How long at Fort Lee: “Since May 2015.”

Job duties: “Addressing the dermatological care needs of our Soldiers and their families.”

How did you get started with the federal government? “I had completed a rotation at Veteran Affairs while in school and really enjoyed caring for our veterans.”

Challenges of your job: “Many of my patients are here for training and are here for a short duration. We don’t always have them as patients for long before they are transferred to another duty station.”

Motivation for job: “It is personally fulfilling to take care of the Soldiers who safeguard our freedoms. I’m able to practice dermatology that focuses on health and well-being of our Soldiers.”

One thing you can’t live without? “Humor.”

Somewhere you’d love to vacation: “Have you ever heard of the book ‘1000 Places to See Before You Die?’ That is my vacation bucket list.”

Favorite author: “Dianne Mott Davidson. Her main character is a caterer who solves mysteries. There also are recipes included. They are actually pretty good.”

Favorite food: “French fries.”

Worst fear: “Not living my life to the fullest.”

Talents: “I make a mean cole slaw.”

Hobbies: “Exploring the local area. I have found some great farmers’ markets and there are always events going on in the Richmond area. Just this past weekend there was Broad Appetit event with 100 area restaurants exhibiting their best foods.”

Life lesson to share: “Life can turn on a dime. Nothing is guaranteed. My advice is to be prepared for change, so that when opportunity knocks, you’re ready to answer.”

Someone you admire: “My mother. She was a community health nurse in rural Mississippi. She inspired me to become the health care professional I am today.”

Qualities you admire in others: “Honesty and compassion.”

What do you expect from your leaders? “I’ve been blessed to have great leadership here at Kenner Army Health Clinic. They do their best to ensure we have all of the equipment and opportunities for professional development we need to provide the highest standard of care. They do their best to keep us informed and prepared to do our jobs. So far, all of my expectations have been met.”

What is something people would be surprised to know about you? “I’m currently trying to learn Spanish. It’s a slow process, but eventually I’d like to be able to do a trip to an under-served country in Latin America with a medical relief group.”

Future aspirations: “I would like to keep doing what I’m doing now, providing care to our men and women in uniform.”