Robin Doaty

Recognizing Civilian

Place of duty: 345th Training Squadron      

Position: Registrar Focal Point

Duties: Establishes, maintains and manages student technical training information databases in the Air Force Training Management System. She serves as the squadron point of contact for all inquiries about student management data. She arranges for the collection of student data and compiles, manipulates and reports information for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly management summaries. She uses her practical knowledge of technical training policies and procedures and training management fundamentals to design formats for charts, briefing slides and other purposes.

Hometown: Greenville, Miss.

Length of time in federal service and the military if you served: Federal time is 9 years.

Biggest accomplishment in your career: “I recouped over $500,000 in insurance claims for the Wurzburg American Hospital in Germany as an insurance accountant for the Patient Administration Department.”

Biggest personal accomplishment: “I completed my bachelor’s degree with honors in 2017.”

The aspect of your job that challenges you most: “The downward communication and implementing guidelines on every level of leadership is the most challenging.”

The aspect of your job you like the most: “Teaching new instructors how to navigate our Learning Management System.”

How did you stand out to recently win Civilian of the Year? “I don’t know the specific reason, but my 1206 made it to the highest tier of the category I was in and won at each level. I guess you can say the work speaks for itself.”

What do you love most about your career? “I love the opportunities for professional growth.”

Who in your career helped you the most and why? “My husband, who is a retired chief warrant officer 4, has helped me the most by supporting me. He even played a huge part in training me for the position I now have by helping me understand how my experience with the Army was comparable with the Air Force requirements.”

What do you feel is your legacy to the people you’re working with? “Following guidelines that are set in place is the most important part of professionalism. They have a purpose and should not be ignored because of our own frame of reference.”

 What about you personally do you hope to pass on to others? “Always be kind and walk in love.”

Talk about one life-changing moment: “Living extensively overseas and learning about different cultures totally changed my point of view about the world around me and how I interact with others.”

What would surprise people to know about you? “I would have aspired to be an actress if I had not met and married my Soldier.”

Favorite quote or saying: “‘To thine own self be true.’” Polonius.

Your future plans: “To eventually open a tea room that will showcase all of my travels and different recipes I have collected from living abroad.”