Susan Oden

Recognizing Civilian

Position: Training Specialist 

Duties: Food Service Management Course Manager

Hometown:  Born and raised in Lock Haven, PA

Length of Time in Federal Service and in the military if you have served: “I served 10 years in the Army and 16 years in the Army Reserves.  I have been in the federal government as a GS worker for 15 years.”

One of your biggest accomplishments in your career: “Even though life has thrown different challenges my way, I am proud of my ability to continue my service in the Reserves and retire as a master sergeant.”

One of your biggest personal accomplishments: “One of my biggest personal accomplishments is to have children, and see them grow up to become smart, responsible adults.”

The aspect of your job that challenges you most: “As a course manager and instructor, challenges arise to keep abreast of military changes and have the ability to incorporate them back into my classes.”

The aspect of your job that you like the most: “I enjoy seeing students learn something new and realize where the information is located.”

What do you love most about your career: “I love that I can pass on knowledge to those coming up in the ranks and continue to further educate myself within my job setting.”

Who do you admire the most: “My friend’s mom; when I was growing up she could do anything to include cooking, decorating cakes, sewing and even gardening. She would also take wrecked cars (usually VW Beetles) and restore their body and engine work. I liked that she seemed to be able to do everything; and I wanted to be like that.”

What about you personally do you hope you pass on to others: “I would hope to pass on my positive, can-do attitude and show others the importance of integrity.”

Tell me about one life-changing moment: “Having children is probably my most life-changing event and it allowed me to continue to mature and grow.”

What would surprise people to know about you: “I am social but actually grew up very shy around people.”

Favorite quote or saying: “I have multiple sayings it just depends on the circumstance, but one of them is ‘If there is a will there is a way.’”

Your future plans: “I want to retire from federal service, then travel and enjoy life.”