The following are the standards for Spring Cleanup of the housing areas:

a. Mow grass.

b. Remove grass from sidewalks/driveways/parking lots.

c. Remove grass from flower and shrub beds.

d. Trim bushes/trees

e. Place dead branches and limbs at curbside.

f. Rework flower/shrub beds.

g. Clean common areas. Report broken facilities related issues to the DPWL, call (804) 734-5100.

h. Rake and bag leaves in clear plastic bags, place at curbside. Whenever practical, leaves should be spread in and along woodlines. Do not mix leaves with domestic trash (paper, rocks, dirt, plastic, aluminum cans).

i. Fertilize lawn.

j. Seed lawn

k. Report abandoned vehicles, call 734-7400.

l. Turn in hazardous household substances (batteries, tires) to HAZWaste Center, building 7123.

m. Residents will report damaged traffic signs to DPWL service order desk, call 734-5100.

n. Take care of vacant quarters adjacent to your quarters. If you are the only resident in a building complex, advise the sponsor unit and mayor to coordinate acquisition of additional help.

o. Ensure POVs are not parked on the street during cleanup day to allow DPWL equipment to clean streets. Do not rake leaves into street.

p. Place large items intended for disposal (broken lawn furniture) curbside on normal trash pick up day.

q. Aerate lawn.

r. Return loaned equipment to U-Do-It Center at the directed time and date, so it can be reissued.

s. Edge around building, signs, fences, and sidewalks/curbs.

t. Remove unsightly or hazardous toys, tools, vehicles and equipment.

u. Touch up paint can be obtained from the Hazardous Waste Facility, building 6212, call 734-5243.