The Quartermaster Hall of Fame Program recognizes retired military and Civilians who have made lasting, significant contributions to the Quartermaster Corps.

Their exceptional contributions also serve to foster Regimental esprit de corps and to perpetuate the history of the QM Corps.

The hall of fame program reminds all quartermasters of their proud heritage and provides sterling examples of Quartermasters “Supporting Victory.”

The Quartermaster Hall of Fame was established in November 1985, by Maj. Gen. Eugene L. Stillions, the quartermaster general, as part of the quartermaster regimental honors program.

On June 12, 1986, Gen. Richard H. Thompson, U.S. Army Material Command commanding general, and Stillions opened the hall of fame in Mifflin Hall at Fort Lee. This permanent display of Quartermaster Hall of Fame inductees includes each inductees’ name, their photograph and a narrative of their major achievements.

During his remarks at the opening ceremony, Thompson stated that the purpose was to recognize outstanding leaders who have contributed the most to the overall achievement, tradition and history of the Quartermaster Corps.

“The location here at Mifflin Hall was selected because it will serve as a constant reminder and a source of inspiration to the thousands of Quartermaster Soldiers and Family members who pass through these corridors each year,” Thompson said. Each year a selection board reviews nominations.

Official announcement of selectees are made at an induction ceremony each year. During this ceremony new hall of fame members or their proxy are presented with a Quartermaster Hall of Fame medallion.

There are currently 119 members inducted in the hall of fame. The 2008 inductees were recognized May 17 at the Quartermaster Foundation Dinner – retired Lt. Gen. John M. McDuffie and retired Lt. Col. Charles D. Butte.