Kenner_vision testing

A child receives a vision test at the Wilkerson Pediatric Clinic. It’s important for parents to schedule school and sports physicals soon for their children to avoid the late August rush at the Kenner Army Health Clinic.

FORT LEE, Va. (July 11, 2013) -- With the end of summer vacation less than eight weeks away, so it’s time to plan for the school year.

The Wilkerson Pediatric Clinic primary care teams at Kenner Army Health Clinic are encouraging parents to schedule school and sports physicals for their children as soon as possible to avoid the late -August rush.

Completing the health exams early ensures that all children are able to start school and participate in sports activities on time and without delay.

It’s important to remember that any child who will attend daycare, a preschool program, grade school or plans to participate in sports activities will need a physical exam, current immunizations and relevant forms completed by their provider.

For more than one child, parents are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than the first appointment to allow for children to be screened, have immunization records reviewed and forms completed. Be sure to bring all immunization records, prescription medications, eye glasses and forms that need to be completed.

The clinic maintains copies of Child, Youth and School Services forms, Prince George County Public Schools forms, Virginia High School League forms, and the Virginia School Entrance Exams. Parents will need to supply specific forms for other area school systems.

To make an appointment, call the clinic’s appointment line at 1-866-533-5242 or visit For other questions, call (804) 734-9125.