The Military Health System’s and Kenner Army Health Clinic’s primary mission is to provide care to Active Duty and TRICARE Prime patients. Appointment scheduling is used to ensure that these patients receive priority for access to care.

Appointment personnel are required to book an appointment within the appropriate time to meet the Access to Care Standard in which the care should be provided. These ATC standards have been established by law in 32 CFR 199.17. The appointment information system used by the MHS automatically tracks if the booked appointment was provided within the ATC standard. The appointing personnel establish the ATC standard by choosing the ATC category to begin the search for appointments that matches the patient’s request/need for health care services. These ATC categories with ATC standards are as follows:

The acute appointment type is designed for scheduling appointments for beneficiaries who have a need for non-emergent, urgent care that requires treatment within 24 hours. The routine appointment type is designated for patients who require an office visit with their PCM for a new health care problem that is not considered urgent. For example, experiencing pain in your shoulder joint area for a couple of days.

The wellness or health promotion appointment type is designated for patients who require preventive, health maintenance care. For example, physical examinations, periodic examinations, check-ups, screenings, etc.

The initial specialty care appointment type is designed for the initial consult or referral appointment to a specialist or an initial self referral for specialty care by a patient to a specialist. Generally speaking, the appointing information system will assign the ATC standard and category that matches the referral priority entered by the requesting provider. Only for specialty clinics and primary care clinics with specialty care, e.g. family practice clinics that also provide gynecology and obstetrical care.

Another appointment type that is relatively new and gaining popularity for same day access is called the open access appointment type. This appointment type is used by those military treatment facilities that offer patients same day acute, routine, wellness, or follow-up primary care services.

Kenner Army Health Clinic uses open access appointing. Every effort will be made to allow patients to see their PCM on the same day they request an appointment. However, this practice does not open the clinic into a full “walk-in” type service. To the greatest extent possible, all of the patient’s issues are addressed in a single visit to minimize the need for unnecessary future appointments or repeat visits.

For appointments and information, call (866) 645-4584. For Kenner PCM and after hours on-call provider, call (804) 734-9000.