FORT LEE, Va. (Feb. 9, 2012) -- Those of you who have utilized Kenner Army Health Clinic over the past year may have noticed several changes - most notably our movement to a practice model called Patient Centered Medical Home. Our goal is to provide consistency and continuity of care to you by trying to ensure you see your designated primary care manager whenever you need to visit the facility. We know there is a positive correlation between how well a provider or medical staff knows a patient and his/her medical history and the ability to positively impact that person's health care outcomes. 

We have often heard beneficiaries say things like, "Well, what about what I want?" or "Nobody asked me, I could have told you." Have you ever said this or something similar? Most of us have. So today we want to inform you about another aspect of PCMH. A tenant of this practice model is to develop partnerships with patients who will collaborate with the organization's staff at all levels by establishing what is known as a Patient Advisory Council. Our goal is to enable patients and Families to have a voice in molding the health care experience to meet their needs by having input into developing, defining, establishing or redefining the practices, policies and programs offered by the health care organization from the ground up.

The Patient Advisory Council is made up of 12-18 Kenner beneficiaries, active duty, family members and retirees with four staff members. This opportunity allows the KAHC staff to listen to and address the concerns of the community as well as improve your health care experience.

A patient partner would serve as a conduit for information to flow between beneficiaries and health care staff and to bring forth needs and concerns to the staff and administrators. They would actively participate in developing programs, reviewing recommendations and policies and then responding to patient and family concerns by actively helping implement changes.

Do you think this is something you, or someone you know, would be interested in? This is an opportunity to make an impact on your health care experience. If you receive your health care at KAHC, think you could contribute to positively toward improving the health care experience, are willing to participate in meetings or other events at the facility and are able to commit to serving for a minimum of one year we are asking you to consider serving on such a council.

Contact Trudy Corbett 804-734-9152 or or Lt. Col. Michelle Munroe, 804-734-9277 or for applications to take advantage of this opportunity.ApplicationFormforPatientandFamilyAdvisors.docx then click cancel when prompted to log in, form will appear so that you can complete the application form to be part of the Patient Advisory Council.