FORT LEE, Va. (July 9, 2009) – Now is the time to plan for getting children’s immunization records and physical exams up-to-date for the next school year. The Pediatric Clinic within Kenner Army Health Clinic stresses not to wait until the last minute. Make an appointment early.

• Who needs to come in?

Military dependents that are going through kindergarten registration need immunization and physical exam records completed. Older children, enrolling in Virginia schools for the first time also need an exam. Exams for children already in the Virginia schools are not required and need not be scheduled.

How does one get an appointment?

Parents should call TRICARE at 1-866-645-4584 to schedule an appointment. For questions or concerns, call Kenner Army Health Clinic at (804) 734-9125 during normal business hours and calls will be directed to the appropriate area.

Why schedule and come in so early?

The sooner one comes in, the less they will have to wait, and waiting is risky. Children may not be allowed in school without up-to-date physicals and immunizations.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, if parents have more than one child being seen please report early enough for all children to be screened before the first appointment time. If multiple appointments are made with different providers, please remember that both parents will need to attend unless there is more than an hour between the appointment times. These appointments are only for school physicals and sports physicals.

There is no walk-in service for physicals and immunizations.

What should one bring for child’s physical?

• All immunization records

• Any medical record you may have however, parents do not need to pick up records housed in the Kenner Medical Records Department.

• Eye glasses if worn

Is it true that one needs to have lab work done prior to the appointment?

No, not at all. KAHC has experienced some parents reporting that the person at the call center who booked their appointment instructed them to come in for lab work or other testing prior to the actual physical appointment date. Still others have stated that their instructions from one of the local school districts tell them the physical is to be done in August. Both of these statements are false. August is an extremely busy month. If one waits until then they may not get an appointment before school starts.

Kenner wants to provide the best possible care for Soldiers and their Families. Children are given physicals and immunizations to identify special needs and prevent illness. Make sure all children are taken care of and schedule an appointment today.