For years, and even now, there has been a big misconception about the function of Preventive Medicine.

Preventive Medicine, for many, is just another way to say Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic.

Preventive Medicine is so much more than that, unfortunately this stereotype has been embedded in the minds of countless beneficiaries.   

There are five departments that fall under Preventive Medicine. Brief descriptions of some of the services provided in each department are listed below:

Community Health

•Health and Safety Inspections for the Child Development Center, Youth Center, and Family Child Care Homes at Fort Lee and Defense Supply Center, Richmond.    

•Health and  immunization guidance for  travel outside of the United States. 

•Educate, counsel, and follow-up on all patients with a contagious disease.  For, example, tuberculosis, TB, STDs, HIV and other diseases of public health concern.

•Assist with the installation annual flu program.

Health Promotions

•Medical  in-processing for newly assigned Soldiers

•Pregnant Soldiers education and training

•Tobacco cessation classes

•Weight control classes

•Health education classes on many subjects

•Conduct community health fairs

Occupational Health

•Minimize or prevent risk of illness or injury that can occur from an individual’s work area

•Perform many employment physicals to include: pre-employment, fitness for duty, disability retirement, and termination exams

•Evaluate pregnant Active Duty and Civilian employees work environment for risks

•Responsible for personnel within the hearing and vision conservation programs (personnel whose work areas are designated as eye or hearing hazardous)

Environmental Health Sciences

•Test water supply to ensure it is safe for drinking, swimming or food preparation      

•Food service inspections of dining facilities, and  food courts

•Pest management of mosquito, tick, rodent, and cockroaches.

Industrial Hygiene

•Assess employee worksite for possible risks that could cause physical injury or loss

•Indoor air quality testing

•Evaluate areas for noise levels

•Review new construction designs for exhaust systems

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