What are the Pharmacy’s hours? Monday ­- Wednesday: 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Thursday: 7 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Friday: 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Closed: Saturday, Sunday and all Federal Holidays

Who is eligible to use the pharmacy? All Active-Duty Military members, their Family members, retirees and their Family members can use the pharmacy if they are authorized medical benefits. The patient’s military ID card must be presented each time service is requested. Generally, children younger than 10 years old do not have an ID card, and the sponsor’s identification will be used to determine eligibility for services.

How do I find out what medications the pharmacy stocks? The pharmacy stocks a wide variety of drugs to support its patients. Each military treatment facility has an approved list of drugs called a formulary that is designed to treat the medication needs of the patient population served by the MTF. You can get a copy of the KAHC formulary from the KAHC Web site: www.narmc.amedd.army.mil/kenner/other/formulary.pdf

What do I do if the pharmacy does not have my medication(s)? If you are a KAHC TRICARE Prime patient, you should coordinate your medication needs with your primary care manager. All eligible patients are encouraged to get their prescriptions filled at KAHC or another MTF. The MTF provides the greatest cost benefit for patients and the government. Plus, you do not have to pay anything for the prescriptions filled at the MTF.

There is also the TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy Program that has a larger formulary than the MTFs. The patient is required to pay a small co-payment for each prescription filled by the TMOP.

Call the TMOP at 1-866-363-8667 for more information.

How do I get new prescriptions filled? When you come to the pharmacy to have a new prescription filled; check in with the pharmacy staff member in the pharmacy lobby/waiting area. This individual is there to greet you; to check your eligibility to use the Pharmacy; to update your allergy, demographic and health insurance information; to issue a ticket for service; and to answer your pharmacy-related questions. You will receive a numbered ticket in one of the three categories for service — Active Duty, TRICARE Prime and Non-Prime. Your number and the window location will be announced, and the number will be visually displayed above the dispensing window where you will be served.

I received an electronically-generated prescription. Can the Pharmacy fill this prescription?

Electronically-generated prescriptions are being used more and more each day. They represent a safer means of communication between providers, pharmacies and patients. KAHC pharmacy can fill your prescription. However, the prescription must have an original, manual signature on it to be valid. This is based on Virginia State Pharmacy Law that states if a prescription is generated electronically, but then is printed out in the office and given to the patient, it is no longer an electronically-transmitted prescription and must follow the guidelines of a written prescription including a manual signature. Ask your provider to sign all of your prescriptions, regardless of how they are prepared.

How do I get my refill? The pharmacy has a mandatory call-in refill process. The fully automated system is available 24-hours per day, every day, by calling (804) 734-9535. You should call in your refill at least five work days before you expect to run out of your medication. The computer system will tell you if your refill request is OK, and when your refill will be ready for pick up. If there is a problem with your refill request, the system will give you an error message.

Call the pharmacy at (804) 734-9137 any time you need assistance with your refill request.