Radiologic Advances Observed

National Radiologic Technology Week was created to highlight the achievements of medical imaging professionals. This observance commemorates the discovery of the X-ray by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen.

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (1845 - 1923)

While experimenting with electric current flow in a partially-evacuated glass tube (cathode-ray tube), Rontgen observed that a nearby piece of barium platinocyanide gave off light when the tube was in operation.

He theorized when the cathode rays (electrons) struck the glass wall of the tube, some unknown radiation was formed that traveled across the room, struck the chemical, and caused the fluorescence.

In December 1895, three days before Christmas, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen brought his wife into his laboratory.

They emerged with a photograph of the bones in her hand to include an image of the ring she was wearing on her finger. This radiograph took 30 minutes to create and was the world’s first X-ray.

Since opening in 1941, Kenner Army Health Clinic has utilized this technology invented by Roentgen.

Radiologic technologists are medical personnel who perform diagnostic imaging exams. Most have completed a 2-3 year specialized accredited training program. Working closely with radiologists, the physicians who interpret the images, radiologic technologists ensure quality imaging studies are provided for diagnoses and treatment purposes.

The Radiology Department continues to support the community by offering a variety of radiological services, which are offered during the normal operating hours of Kenner Army Health Clinic.

Patients with providers within Kenner Army Health Clinic are able to schedule their appointments in person or by phone at (804) 734-9118.

Patients requiring an appointment whose requesting provider resides off-post are required to fax (804) 734-9008 or hand-carry their requesting order to radiology services for scheduling.

Specialty radiological exams such as MRIs, CT scans and bone density studies are usually performed by healthcare facilities outside of Kenner.

National Radiologic Technologist Week is a time to celebrate the advances in the field of radiology made possible by Roentgen and to recognize radiologic technologists for their hard work and contributions to the health care field.

– Kenner Army Health Clinic