FORT LEE, Va. (April 6, 2017) -- Reminder calls for routine health screenings may seem like a nuisance, but they are necessary to ensure beneficiaries remain active in their wellness program.

Emphasizing the importance of early detection through regular health screenings is a part of Kenner Army Health Clinic’s mission.

“To promote wellness, you may get a call from your primary care manger’s nursing team reminding you of age-specific testing that needs to be done,” said Kimberly Schoen, RN, nurse manager for the Family Medicine Clinic.

The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set guidelines are the most widely used standardized performance measures for the majority of health care plans in all treatment facilities – military and civilian. These nationally recognized standards require preventive screenings or management of chronic illnesses. Simply put, the performance measures establish accountability in health care.

For the patient, it means KAHC health care is measured against all other plans. HEDIS measures provide a “benchmark” of quality health care and health standards. A facility that provides care while following HEDIS measures receives a score. Those exceeding benchmark goals receive extra funding.

“The reminder calls help us detect conditions early, to include colon and breast cancer, so severe complications don’t arise,” said Maj. Daniel Cash, deputy commander for clinical services.

The revenue generated from HEDIS can increase the quality and delivery of care. Funding is used for educational programs, equipment or staff to expand the services.

Disease Management at KAHC is involved in collecting data from the measures to monitor, develop, implement and evaluate HEDIS performance. The benefits help beneficiaries maintain the necessary health screenings, lab work and follow-up care to reach their health goals.

Disease Management Department provides education, resources and outreach to beneficiaries to help patients’ manage their care. Reminder letters, phone calls, birthday cards and health observances are among the tools Kenner uses to stress the importance of coordinated health care interventions and communication with patients about conditions where self-care efforts are key.

KAHC provides ambulatory services and specialty care with support from a robust network of providers within the community. Health screenings may be done “outside” of Kenner using a network provider, but the results should be shared with the clinic to ensure a complete record of care is maintained.

To schedule preventive health screenings, call the KAHC appointment line at 1-866-LEE-KAHC.