Post Deployment Health Re-assessment is a force health protection process designed to enhance the deployment-related variety of care.

Targeted at three to six months following return from an operational deployment, the PDHRA provides education, screening and a global health assessment to identify and facilitate access to care for deployment-related physical health, mental health, and re-adjustment concerns.

Research shows personnel returning from deployment have an increased risk of physical and mental health issues.

The Post Deployment Health Re-Assessment includes education, a benefits briefing, a questionnaire (DD Form 2900), and an interview with a healthcare provider.

It is a mandatory process for all active-duty, guard, and Reserve component members.

The Post Deployment Health Re-Assessment is required of all members who deploy for 30 or more days.

The PDHRA (DD Form 2900) can be completed online prior to the scheduled appointment with the healthcare provider.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, contact Kenner Army Health Clinic at (804) 734-9430 to schedule an appointment with a provider.

Systematic instructions for completing the questionnaire online are:

• Log on to the Army Knowledge Online Web site.

• Click on the Self Service tab.

• Scroll down and click on My Medical.

• Click on Where is My Medical Readiness Data? in blue.

• Under the Deployment Health Assessments, click on Deployment Health Assessments in blue.

• Scroll down to the Post Deployment Health Reassessment Form and click on DD Form 2900.

• Scroll down and click on Start New Survey.

• Complete the Demographics Section.

•Complete Questions 1-16.

• Click Submit.

The Soldier’s Post Deployment Health Re-Assessment is printed and put in his/her permanent medical record.

The healthcare provider electronically sends the completed DD Form 2900 and updates the Medical Readiness on AKO.